Haslam and Stiggy: Amicable Divorce?

The usually well informed Italian site GPone.com is reporting that Stiggy Honda will release rising British star Leon Haslam from whatever contractual relationship they have with the Pocket Rocket immediately after the final round at Portimao. It has been widely rumored for weeks that Haslam will sign (if he hasn't already) with Frankie Batta's Alstare Suzuki team. This release would allow Haslam to test with the team immediately following the Portugese round. Stiggy, whose financial problems have forced the team to cut their involvement in WSBK and WSS to one rider per series for the last three races of 2009 and forced a dissolution of their partnership with S2 Racing, will reportedly divulge which direction the team will take in 2010 at Portimao.

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Just wondered if you could let us know what motorcycle sport experience Mike Walt brings to motomatters.com.
He doesn't seem to be that well informed, yet has some quite strong opinions.
Ref. the Haslam and Stiggy split, the team issued a statement about it yesterday morning - it wasn't exactly an exclusive on GPOne.com, as implied by Mr Walt's report, posted at 15.07.

Mike Walt brings years of racing experience to MotoMatters.com. He has been writing about motorcycle racing - MotoGP, World Superbikes, the AMA - for many years now. He also brings strong opinions, which are always entertaining and well-informed. If I didn't trust him, I wouldn't have asked him to write for me.

Mmmm... not that well-informed, given that his story about Haslam appeared as a reference to another website's article, some hours after an official announcement was made by the team.

Press releases are emailed out all in one go. Email being what it is, they don't all arrive in one go. Sometimes other sites get the news before it lands in our inbox. Sometimes we get the news before it lands in other sites' inboxes. We always, always quote the source of a story, unless we have sourced it ourselves, and other news sources don't always quote something as a press release. So until the news lands in our mailbox, we can't be sure where a particular site got it from.

Look on the bright side, at least we don't try and pass press releases off as news we have generated or sourced ourselves.

In the end, of course, it's up to you whether you trust MotoMatters.com or not. That's a decision we can't make for you.

Mike Walt
Mike is a long time race fan, and another talent that started to write about racing over on the ADVRider.com forum. He agreed to start covering the World Superbike series for MotoMatters.com in September 2009.

So he's a fan who can write, rather than a journalist with a long list of well-placed contacts inside the World Superbike paddock?

I have no problem with strong opinions - you can find a lot of them on fora all over the internet, and that's obviously his background.

But when those strong opinions are purveyed as well-informed, journalistic views, I prefer to know a little more about the background experience and knowledge.

Hey, I'm not having a go. I like the site, but preferred it when it simply highlighted what was being written elsewhere...