WSS: Ant West Out for Portimao; Stiggy Cites Money Woes

In yet another depressing occurance of the Economic Crisis Blues, Stiggy Racing, already sorely beset by financial woes, has announced  that they can't afford to support Australian Ant West in the final race of the World Supersport season at Portimao. The latter part of this year's campaign has been a war of attrition for Stiggy, first cutting down to one rider per series and then severing ties with the financial portion of the team, S2 Racing. West,  who has had an uneven year but still lies fifth in the point standings, is presently unsigned for 2010 and will be in attendance for the apres-race test, apparently trolling for a ride in 2010.

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Westy should have taken the Yamaha Germany ride 3 years ago. and won the championship. then moved on, but he did so well on the kawa when he filled in for Olivier JACQUE, no wonder he wanted to ride the bike when he finished 5th in some races then the 2007 bike shit it self and 2008. now that Kawasaki has killed his career. and poor performing Stiggy bikes

Way to help ruin several careers, Stiggy!

I'm sure Johan Stigefelt is doing what he can, but there's no excuse for this kind of bad planning and management. You make sure your budget is in place BEFORE signing on riders and staff, and you have contingency plans in place for the inevitable problems. This reflects incredibly poorly on Stiggy, World Superbike, Infront and the Flamminis.

Really Ant West deserves better. 5th in the championship and no ride to finish the season. It really shows the bad aspect of this game - talent means a lot less than money. I hope he gets a decent ride on a decent bike next year. His podium in the last race showed that he is a real racer fending off some great riders on superior machinery. Obviously I get that if Stiggy has no money then they cant race but it really is a bullsxxt situation