WSBK: Nakano No-Show at Portimao -- UPDATED

Shinya Nakano has decided to sit out the last World Superbike races of the season, citing the neck injury that has kept the Japanese rider out of the last two rounds. Nakano says that the injury isn't too debilitating in real life but didn't think that he was up to the strain of traveling from Japan and enduring the stress of racing speeds for three days. While there is currently no official evidence that this pull-out was actually a management move on Aprilia's part, a cynical person might speculate that the decision was not Nakano's alone, given the persistent rumors that he will no longer race for Aprilia in 2010.


Gpone has confirmed this commentator's conjecture that the decision for "Super" Shinya Nakano not to race at Portimao was not Nakano's. In fact, Nakano had flown from Japan and was at the Paris airport when he got the news. Although Nakano hasn't exactly set the world on fire this year he has done creditably well on occasion and the injury problems that he has suffered have limited his effectiveness. One has to wonder why Aprilia would handle this situation in such a bush-league manner.

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