Ben Spies Speaks About His World Superbike Championship

If you want to know what it's like to win your first World Superbike championship, you need wonder no more. Ben Spies spoke to Jonathan Green for the excellent OnTheThrottle TV website on Sunday evening about the season, the races at Portimao and how it feels to go to MotoGP as a champion. 

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I predict two podium finishes for Ben in 2010 MotoGP, and a slew of 4th & 5th's.

And as far as Valencia coming up, 6th place.

I predict Ben will find out that in MotoGP there is a pecking order and he wont be at the top of it. There will be many riders ahead of him and he is not the great white hope that the US wants him to be. I think he will do marginally better than Toseland but will be beaten by Edwards regularly and will find it much harder to shine than he has previously. Tech 3 wont be able to do for him what Yoshimura and a Factory Yamha have before. No if was going into a team with Burgess then maybe a different story...

I actually feel bad for Colin, he's going to be beaten by his rookie teammate regularly. Just like the State flag, there'll be only one star on Team Texas, and it won't be Colin.

And I think you have it backwards, Yamaha SBK won't have Spies and House to do for them what they did for them this year...

How quickly the Spies doubters forget that he rode the Suzuki to a 6th and an 8th last year. Sorry, but the logic that “there is a pecking order” and “he needs time to learn the ropes” went out the window this year with 14 wins and 11 poles. WSBK or Motogp Spies has proved that he can hang with the field. To say that he will do marginally better than Toseland is just a ridiculous statement. Toseland is currently 14th in the championship, does anyone honestly think Ben will not be a top 8 rider next year, with the support that he will get from Yamaha? Sorry I can respect Toseland for his 2 WSBK championships, but Ben wipes the floor with him any day any where

could not have said it better myself. for sure we shouldnt throw spies on our shoulders and declare him a motogp title contender just yet, but i think he has proven that he is not just another rookie coming in to play. the kid has demolished wsbk. demolished it! even with his terrible luck. without his bad luck it would have been down right embarrassing to veteran wsbk riders. i think we'll see him hit the ground running next year. i see battles with hayden, simon, edwards and dovi in his future.

I can't predict how Ben's gonna do next year- any better than I could predict how well he was going to do this year. Did anyone predict 14 wins and a record number of poles this season, after the preseason Portimao tests? I doubt it. What interested me throughout the year was the reactions of some of the WSBK regulars to Ben's turn of speed. Johnathon Rae claimed that the M1 was what made Ben so good this year. Really, Johnny? To follow his comments to their logical conclusion, then, why didn't Johnny try to do all he could to get a ride on the factory Yamaha team next year, instead of staying with Ten Kate? Also, if Johnny really thinks staying where he is for next year gives him his best chance of winning the WSBK title, then if he does win it isn't it logical to think that he was just lying to himself, trying to downplay the fact that Ben is a better rider than him, and it took Ben's leaving the series to give Johnny his chance of winning the title, ON THE SAME BIKE HE RACED THIS YEAR? Come on Johnny, just admit it. You got beat by a better rider- a ROOKIE, who'd never been to the tracks, never raced on Pirellis, never raced a Yamaha, etc. The facts prove that Ben is a better rider than you, no matter what bike he's on.