Spies To Sport Sterilgarda Livery At Valencia

When Yamaha announced that Ben Spies would make a wildcard appearance at Valencia, there was some speculation about whose logos would adorn the Texan's Yamaha M1. The early rumor was that Michael Jordan may step in and run a one-off livery for Spies, as the former NBA superstar continues to promote his clothing brand through the AMA Superbike series, or what is left of it.

Those rumors were wrong, it now appears. Yamaha today announced that Sterilgarda, the Italian dairy giant who backed the Yamaha Motor Italia team in World Superbikes, would also be sponsoring Spies for one more outing, this time during his wildcard appearance at Valencia. Yamaha also released photos of the new livery, and we have to say it actually looks very good. Judge for yourself below, and clicking on the image will bring up an image large enough to use as a desktop.

Photos courtesy and copyright of Yamaha Racing

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I love the sleek looks of the M1 against the frog eyed R1. Those headlights just look so... purposeless to me.

i think it looks great. because he doesnt have to worry about the engine life, i wonder if he'll be using a factory plant. will be very interesting to see how he stacks up against the field. my crystal ball says top 8

I believe the biggest reason for this livery is to help make Ben feel more comfortable on the machine and we know what happens when he feels comfortable. Anything to give him a edge and come out of the box fast. The bike is beautiful and looks fast just sitting there. My crystal ball.....4th! He WILL beat one of the aliens.

This race means a lot. He's riding a wave of confidence not unlike Bayliss in 06. The difference is that the result for Spies could significantly shape his coming season. I'm sure Toseland is a much better rider than his result this year. But I think it was pretty clear that his pre-season struggles were a monkey on his back all season. It's all between the ears. It could go either way.

Edit: and I think the fairings look sweet. But like Lorenzo's (read without yellow), the red and blue could do with less white. Just think about the old Red Bull Yamaha YZR500. Hot.

Yellow with the Kenny Roberts checkerboard would look way better.

I hate blue and red.

I assume most of his WSB team is going over to MotoGP (certainly for the wildcard event), given their hard work all year and Sterilgarda's support, it makes sense that the bike is in Sterilgarda livery - who've certainly got some bang for their buck in 2009.

Can't wait to see how he goes, although top four might be stretching things a bit far. I'm sure his main aim will be to beat or at least run with Edwards, which is a pretty big thing if he achieves it.

He will definitely do well at Valencia. He has no pressure and its the end of year party where the top riders inevitably relax. Although I think next year will be a different thing altogether.

Toseland has struggled, Hayden has struggled and it just goes to show that riding the 800s really fast depends on a special set of skills and set-up knowledge which is almost impossible for a rookie rider comming over with WSBK technicians.

Spies is certainly talented, but I don't think he'll crack the fantastic four in his rookie year.