Moto2: Provisional Line Up So Far

The Spanish magazine Motociclismo will be publishing a list of riders in the Moto2 class in the latest issue of the magazine due to hit the newsstands on Wednesday. The list is still very much a work in progress, but given the strength of the Spanish influence in the class, and the outstanding connections which Motociclismo has within the paddock, it is by far the most authoritative list to be issued so far. 

Very few names have actually be confirmed, and there are a number of names which are largely speculative. Of interest to American readers may be the name of Roger Lee Hayden, brother of the 2006 World Champion and Marlboro Ducati rider Nicky Hayden. Roger Lee is very far from being confirmed, the American being required to bring sponsorship to the package if he is to actually secure the ride.

But Roger Lee isn't the only rider to face this problem. The average amount of money being demanded by team owners is 200,000 euros, though top rides, such as the Gresini team, are up to three times that amount. The financial crisis has reinforced a trend which was already underway, making bringing sponsorship to a deal a prerequisite to any deal being done. Perhaps, once the economic crisis abates, this will not be such a factor.

Moto2 Riders and Teams 

Team Riders Bike
Ajo Motorsport Álex Debón Aprilia
Campetella Racing Dominique Aegeter B&B Team
Cardion AB Motoracing Karel Abrahan Aprilia
CIP Moto -GP250 Valentin Debise Suter
Emmi Caffe Latte Thomas Luthi Suter, Kalex or Moriwaki
G22 Racing Team Fonsi Nieto and Yanick Guerra Moriwaki
Hayate Racing Team Jules Cluzel and ? Suter
Honda Gresini Toni Elías and ? Moriwaki
JIR Mattia Pasini and Roger Lee Hayden TSR
Kino Racing Fabrizio Perren BQR
Mapfre Aspar Team Julían Simón and Mike Di Meglio Aprilia
Matteoni Racing Lukas Pesek, Jules Cluzel? Moriwaki
Pons Racing Axel Pons and Sergio Gadea Kalex
Promoracing Joan Olivé and Kenny Noyes Harris
Racing Team By Queroseno Bernat Martínez, José David De Gea, Lukas Pesek, Alex De Angelis BQR
Racing Team Germany Arne Tode Suter
Scot Racing Team Niccolo Canepa, one other NCR
Speedup Aprilia Andrea Iannone and Gabor Talmacsi Aprilia
Sprint Tecnology Racing Roberto Pietri and Roberto Rolfo Suter
Stop and Go Racing Team Héctor Faubel and Ratthapark Wilairot Aprilia/FTR
Tech 3 Raffaele De Rosa and Yuki Takahashi Tech3
Viessmann Kiefer Racing Stefan Brald and Vladimir Leonov Suter
WTR San Marino Team Claudio Corti ADV/CRP

Riders in bold have been confirmed.

Last updated November 18th, 2009.

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They've just passed the buck to the riders and leveled the playing field by making everyone pay now that the bikes are all new. With the series providing the engines, tires and equipment logistics and riders bringing 200K to 500K euro, what the hell are the teams bringing besides a rolling chassis? Are these teams getting title sponsors for peanuts? Maybe some old fashion privateers will be able to get in on the action when this first year team cash grab is over. Hopefully Laverty and Camier stay away from this mess until some sense returns.

Unfortunately how do you pick a favorite? All of the Chassis are for the most part unproven in racing conditions. This could be a great source of bench racing for many!

Roger Lee hayden to Moto2? That came out of left field. More Haydens in the MotoGP paddock! Too bad Tommy is signed to race in the DMG debacle/AMA Superbike series.

I wasn't against it at the time, but I believe letting a production manufacturer into Moto2 is a serious mistake. The privateer teams won't be able to keep up with Piaggio's R&D budget, and they likely won't be able to match rider salary offers from Aprilia. If they develop a technical advantage and Dorna write rules to limit the number of bikes fielded by a particular team, we will have 250s all over again with one dominant manufacturer and lots of also rans who need a miracle to make it to GP.

Worse still, Aprilia could get a lot of good publicity from the class which would inevitably send all manufacturers down to Moto2. As a consequence, the Dorna/IRTA plan to help privateers into MotoGP would be an abysmal failure.

I'm hugely optimistic about the competition in Moto2, but I have my reservations as to whether or not Dorna's love-child with IRTA is going to produce anything useful for the series.

Would Aprilia not be getting all the publicity from all the 250cc gps over the last 10 years and still manufacturers did run back to 250cc
I work at a Piaggio dealer as a mechanic. they really need to learn from this and make a 600cc road bike. As in Australia they have trouble selling the big V twins. as they cost so dam much..

lets hope KTM go to moto2 soon

I don't have any faith that they'll make anything affordable. They make great products but always rely on cache to sell them rather than value competition.

I doubt KTM will ever come back. I think they've seen the light that Grand Prix is not in their best interest.

unfortunately money talks more than talent, i guess it's understandable with the economic situation

smith and simon minced gadea this season and yet simon and gadea are the ones who step up

you'd think some big british companies would take an interest in getting involved, there's potentially huge exposure for a successful motogp rider

Sad to see team KR gone from the list. It's hard to believe they can't find a sponsor to play at this level.

At times like this I wish I owned a multinational oil company!