No Team Scot, But Honda Still Prepared To Field Seventh RC212V

The hopes that Team Scot had of remaining in the MotoGP class have been dashed. The Italian team - home of the 2009 250cc World Champion - had failed to match the success of their 250cc riders in the MotoGP class. As a consequence, their bid to remain in MotoGP on merit has failed.

The team had hoped to stay if they could secure the extra funding to run Alex de Angelis. But though initial talks with the San Marino government had been promising, the tiny Italian republic could not justify the investment required to fund an entire MotoGP team, and though De Angelis and his manager continued to pursue the extra funds required, Honda's patience ran out. Despite being extended a number of times, the time limit placed on the project by HRC expired, and today, Scot Honda threw in the towel. Scot Honda will now concentrate on the Moto2 class instead.

Scot's withdrawal does not mean that their will not be an extra Honda on the grid, though. HRC has a bike available, and a spokesman told that if a project came along that satisfied the financial and sporting requirements, they would be delighted to provide one, and possibly even two extra machines. The biggest problem is of course money. Raising the necessary 5 million euros a MotoGP team requires is no sinecure. But just having the money would not be sufficient. HRC would need to be convinced that the rider was capable of getting results, and that the team was capable of providing the required level of technical support to allow the rider to be successful. That, frankly, is quite a big ask.

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They budgeted poorly, then they booted Takahashi midseason so they could take a mountain of money from the Hungarian oil company, MOL. Gabor wasn't ready so the Scot Honda backmarked and go zero exposure. Now they can't find a sponsor. The lesson is: don't take the easy way out of your financial problems b/c they will only get worse with time.

Sad to see them go, but they dug their own grave.

... but do you think Scot would have been better off keeping Takahashi running around at the back for zero exposure? Or do you think that his results would have been significantly better than Talmasci, negating the cash the hungarian brought?

Takahashi was an ex-250 rider who was close to MotoGP pace and I think he would have outscored Gabor quite easily towards the end of the season. Yuki was actually capable of beating other riders, Gabor relied on multiple DNF's from a 17 bike grid to help him collect points. In Gabor's defense, he was a smart enough to realize that he can't score points if he doesn't finish. Yuki didn't seem to care whether or not he finished.

Takahashi probably might be a little bit better than Talmasci, but will sadly still be rounding up the back. However, Takahashi probably will not get a veto like Talmasci did with Honda, and it seems Honda is could be upset that Scot dropped the ONLY Japanese rider without 2nd thoughts for $$$.

Talmasci was terrible, clearly not ready to rid the big bikes. And he never really improved either. Times never got better and finishing positions never got better (unless someone crashed). It was kinda a shame that Yuki got the boot. He wasn't much better but I think in retrospect he had more talent and experience, maybe a bit unluckier.