Video: Tech 3 Moto2 Debut A Limited Success

The Tech 3 Moto2 bike made its on-track debut yesterday, at the Ledonon circuit in the south of France. French youngster Florian Marino took the bike out for its shakedown test, to make sure that everything was working correctly prior to the bike's official debut at the Moto2 tests at Valencia next week. The test was a success, in both positive and negative terms, as the bike performed well, until the test was cut short by electrical problems. But this kind of issue is exactly what a shakedown test is meant to reveal.

After the test, the French magazine Sport Bikes spoke to Marino about what he thought of the bike, and how it compared to both the 125s and the Superstock 600 the Frenchman had ridden this season. "This bike is very agile and very light at 140kg, and it feels more like a 125 than a 600," Marino told Sport Bikes. "Because the chassis is so rigid, you can run into corners really fast."

Luckily for those eager for news of the Moto2 class, video has already turned up on Youtube of the bike's first outing complete with fairing, seat and tank. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that the Tech 3 team have been running Yamaha MotoGP bikes for the last few years, the Tech 3 Moto2 machine bears a striking resemblance to the M1. Judge for yourself in the video below:

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do you think yamaha have given them a few pointers at all?

how close is the relationship between tech3 and yamaha?

will they use tech3 as a way of breeding riders through moto2, motogp and into the factory team?

Guy Coulon, whose brainchild this is, has a very long history of building and designing motorcycles. Speaking to him at Valencia, I did not get the impression that Yamaha had much to do with the design of the bike. However, Tech 3 will be using the class to bring on young riders ready for MotoGP. Whether that's for Yamaha or not depends on what the team decides to do from 2012 onwards.

Thanks very much for the tip off. I've corrected the story to give it the correct attribution now. Sadly, Sport Bikes don't have an RSS feed, otherwise I'd be able to keep an eye on their stories as well. 

happy to help... as I'm sure you saw... in their article/interview today, credited Diane De Salve at SportBikes for her Ledenon report...

Wondering, if there's any spec tyres for Moto2? I see Bridgestone logo on the front tyre warmers. Was half expecting to see Moto2 runs Dunlops, but nevertheless, I hope tyres are up to the teams and sponsorship.