No Aprilia Moto2 Bike At Valencia, Project Close To Termination

Uncertainty continues over the fate of Aprilia's Moto2 project, after last week's sudden change of heart by senior management. Though still uncertain, the project does seem to be heading to its eventual demise, however.

What is certain is that Aprilia's Moto2 bikes will not be appearing at the tests scheduled to take place at Valencia on Wednesday and Thursday. Speaking to, Aprilia's chief engineer Gigi dall'Igna confirmed that the Noale firm's Moto2 machines would not be available in Spain. Dall'Igna was also somber about the prospects of the bike ever making it onto the track. "From there [not testing at Valencia] it is a very short step to the museum," Dall'Igna told

This leaves Jorge Martinez and his Aspar team in limbo, but the veteran team manager cannot afford to stand still. "[They] will be testing using something else," dall'Igna said, adding that he accepted that this was logical. Aspar want to go racing next season and need to start testing, but without the Aprilia, it is unclear which bike they will use. The team previously tested the BQR chassis, though Aspar has also expressed an interest in the Suter and Moriwaki chassis. At such short notice, however, continuing with the BQR chassis - a bike which has been extensively developed through the Spanish CEV championship series this year - is the most logical step for Aspar to take.

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