Fiat Yamaha Video Interviews - Behind The Scenes with Davide Brivio, Gigi Soldano, Laura Motta

Yesterday, we brought you video interviews with Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi, provided by the Fiat on the Web project. Today we have three more videos for you, courtesy of the same Fiat on the Web team. And today's videos actually provide an insight into a side of MotoGP that doesn't get so much coverage, what goes on off the track.

First up is an interview with team manager Davide Brivio, in which he talks about his background and how he first started working with Valentino Rossi. Brivio talks about Rossi's strengths and lack of weaknesses, and about his emotions at winning the world championship with Rossi again.

Next is an interview with Gigi Soldano, one of the world's leading motorcycle racing photographers, official photographer for the Fiat Yamaha team, as well as Valentino Rossi's personal photographer. Any publicity shots you've seen of Rossi are almost certainly the work of Soldano. The veteran Italian tells how he got started working in Grand Prix, as well as the tale of how his first photograph appeared in print.

Finally, Laura Motta. Motta is part of the team which forms the backbone of all motorcycle racing. Motta organizes the small army of workers and team members who entertain guests, sponsors and race crew, as well as looking after the host of journalists who traipse in and out of Yamaha's hospitality unit, waiting for the riders to turn up for their daily press debriefs. But she also has what some might believe is one of the best jobs in the paddock: hand picking Yamaha's umbrella girls.

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