David Emmett A Guest On Formula1Blog.com Podcast

So just how do you fill those long drives to and from friends and family over the holiday period? My own personal preference is to listen to some of the excellent podcasts on motorcycle racing that are available on the internet. Especially in these dark times, when racing is still a long way away, listening to long and passionate discussions about racing on MotoGPOD, Rumblestrip Radio or Formula1Blog.com.

Sometimes, I get even luckier: I get to actually appear on a podcast, though the downside is that I get to listen to myself afterwards and hear all the mistakes I made. This December is no exception, Todd McCandless and Grace O'Neill of the excellent Formula1Blog.com website and podcast were kind enough to invite me onto the show to discuss the 2009 MotoGP season and hear my thoughts on the 2010 season. So, if you have a long drive ahead of you, and an hour and a half to fill with idle chatter about motorcycle racing, then head on over to Formula1blog.com and listen to the podcast on the website, or download the MP3 directly and load it onto your MP3 player. Happy listening, and happy holidays.

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Always love listening the F1B and got a pleasant surprise to hear you were on it when driving into work the other day.

Have a great Xmas and a wonderful New Year.

Dave , great podcast . Entertaining and very informitive from begining to end .
I didnt even realize you where an owner of this site . Your frank and to the point responces make you seem like a forum member . its one of the reasons that make this THE best source for motorcycle news site bar none . thanks Jake

PS if anyone is looking for a great MotoGP/WSB forum try http://www.rideontwo.com

Hi Jake,

Thanks very much for your compliments. The Ride On Two forum is certainly one of the best forums on the internet, but MotoMatters.com has our own forum, which is pretty good too. Lots of thoughtful and interesting posters who are well worth reading!

The pleasure was all ours Mr. Emmett. It is always an honor to have you on the show. We are grateful for your time, consideration and insight my friend. Let's do it again soon. ;)

Great interview DE,, It doesn't happen enough that the tables are turned and we hear YOU give a candid opinion about motogp topics. I listen to the motogpod podcast religiously. Jules and Jim do a fantastic job on the POD and rideontwo. I read and contribute to both forums and am grateful to do so. It's also nice that there is comradery, respect and support between yours and their sites. It's a shame that rumblestrip has fallen off a bit. (I'll be there when they come back).
To the interview,,, you made one prediction (in the interview) that made me step back. Lorenzo and Stoner at Repsol in 2011? Bold! Typically, as the guru god of motogp everything, I would never question "The-way-and-the-light",, but,, I can't see this one. (especially if Stoner wins the 2010 championship).. Great fun though.. Keep up the great work,, it's fully appreciated.


Sorry Dave , for some odd reason I thought the ride on two WAS this sites forum as a subsiderary account ? Just me being lazy runnning everything off favorites. Computer jumped . I left it is gospel . brains in my ass sometimes lol. ... i JUST signed up here also . Very informed members indeed . Thanks Jake

PS.. I donated to this site as my penance lol