Memory Lane, Part 5: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Race Day

Our trip through Scott Jones' MotoGP images comes to an end today, with a look back at the remarkable race at Indianapolis. The facilities are astonishing, the track layout is surprisingly good for what is known locally as a "Roval" (a road course inside an oval), the organization is amazing. Throughout the weekend, only two recurring complaints could be heard: the huge amount of chain link fencing used to protect the public from flying car parts when the four-wheelers race here saw photographers crowding around the few fence openings like seals at an arctic breathing hole; and there wasn't a decent cup of coffee to be had in a thousand miles or more, reducing European journalists (for this is the fuel upon which their work depends) to gibbering wrecks.

Questions were raised about the very Honda-like wings on Jorge Lorenzo's Captain America helmet

JT riding for a contract. It came, but in World Superbikes

A lack of front wheel grip is what eventually scuppered Valentino Rossi's chances in the Mid-West

Tomorrow's hero

Indy is the closest thing that Nicky Hayden has to a home race

Totally unnecessary, yet still impressive: Toni Elias hoists one

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a spectacular facility

Dani Pedrosa looked to have the race in the bag, until he slid out of the lead

The Pagoda, home of racing in America

Nicky Hayden reran the special livery he used at Indianapolis

Dani Pedrosa led the race early on before crashing out ...

... Valentino Rossi took over, but he soon followed Pedrosa's suit ...

... Leaving Jorge Lorenzo to take victory

Alex de Angelis profited from mistakes by Pedrosa and Rossi to take second

Nicky Hayden held Andrea Dovizioso off to take his only podium of 2009

You'll never guess what position #5 finished at Indy

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After looking at the beautifull circuts in Europe such as Catalunyan, Magne Cours,Valencia and Phillip Island with there rolling hills , Impeccable kept Facilities and flawless tarmac .Does anyone really beleive the riders come over here and are impressed with indianapolis with its flat treeless fields spattered with sparse grass old buildings and a track that is essentually an oval where they duck into a converted infield section with cracked uneven tarmac? Im not impressed with eurotrash in vogue BS but Indy should be left as a car track . When they announced that it was to be a new venue I was sure that there was to be a rider upheaval over safty issues . Laguna Seca is a phenominal circut that can be matched up agaist any other track in the world . Dont we have anouther venue that is a step up from Indy as a Motorcycle track? Road America used to be a great venue for motorcycles. it might not have the namesake but it would produce better and safer racing . I Could just see a great rider meeting a tragic end at Indy .