Valentino Rossi Health Scare Over, Cleared To Test

An appendix is a wonderous thing. A few centimeters of obscure and largely defunct organ has shaken up the world of motorcycle roadracing over the past couple of days, mainly because that vermiform organ is located inside Valentino Rossi, MotoGP's biggest superstar and the reigning world champion.

The worries for his health appear to be over, though. When contacted by, a Fiat Yamaha spokesperson set the racing world's collective minds at rest. "Valentino is fine," the spokesperson told us. "Hhe had a mild stomach pain which they thought necessary to get checked out, but there is no further problem."

This is corroborated by the fact that the Italian has been given the all clear to take part in Ferrari testing next week. Rossi is due to test Ferrari's Formula One car at Barcelona, and tested his condition yesterday by driving a Ferrari 458 Italia at the Fiorano circuit, as well as taking a seat in the factory's F1 simulator at Maranello.

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Lest we not forget when Ben Spies had his appendix removed after racing in extreme discomfort a couple of seasons ago.