The British Invasion Of World Superbikes 2010

Just how big is the British invasion of the World Superbike series? It's easy to overlook just how many British riders are on the provisional World Superbike and World Supersport grid, but sit down and count them and you see 7 Brits in WSBK out of 26 entries - that's over a quarter of all riders. Exactly how much of a factor they are going to be is obvious from the video below, which was made during a Motorcycle News photoshoot, and filmed by Redwing Media, the press agency for Honda in the World Superbike series: 6 of the 14 factory riders are from Britain, with only Shakey Byrne forced to look to a private - though heavily supported - Ducati ride.

The 2010 motorcycle racing season is looking like a throwback to 1990s, when British and other English-speaking riders dominated the World Superbike series but were largely absent from MotoGP's predecessor, the 500cc Grand Prix championship. That championship was full of Spaniards and Italians, with the odd American and Australian thrown in. Tellingly, it was one of those Australians that dominated Grand Prix championship all those years. With Casey Stoner back to full health, the symmetry could well be complete.

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The 1990's are just the tip of the iceberg. Since the series' inception in 1988 there has been but one champion (Raymond Roche, '90) that didn't come from the USA, Great Britain or Australia.

It's true that 5 GP world championships were taken by Mick Doohan during the second half of 90's, but don't forget that 4 of the remaining 5 were taken by American's. We all know who took the last one. :)

Any way, as far as the symmetry being complete.... As an Ameican I hope that means we have a legitimate American contender, too... ;)