Moody, Ryder And Spalding Return To Eurosport MotoGP Coverage For 2010

MotoGP fans around the world will raise a cheer tonight, as their enjoyment of the 2010 MotoGP season has been assured. Toby Moody announced today on his Twitter account that the golden duo of MotoGP commentary - Moody and Julian Ryder - will be back at Eurosport for the coming season. Ryder and Moody are also to be joined once again by the man with an encyclopedic knowledge of MotoGP technology, writer and journalist Neil Spalding.

The trio will be providing live coverage of practice and qualifying for all classes for British Eurosport, live coverage of the 125 and Moto2 races, and delayed coverage of the MotoGP races, which are due to be broadcast live by the BBC. Though the British Eurosport coverage is due to be broadcast only in the UK, the trio have amassed a huge cult following around the globe, most of whom have found - usually illegal - ways of watching the races over the internet.

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its a real shame that here in the u.s. we are deprived of one of the best racing commentary on the planet...Julian has the best voice i could listen to him read the phone book...i bought the twist 2 dvd almost soley on the fact he was on it...what irritates me even more being a direct tv customer i should be able to get eurosport!!! i would even pay more!!! have no idea how good you have it in europe!!

I've actually come to respect the BBC crew a bit more, but they're simply not as good as Toby, Julian and Neil. Wish they'd bring back Randy, though - his exuberance balanced their cerebral approach.

Here in the U.S., the Speed channel crew are simply unspeakably dreadful. Any two reasonably intelligent people off the street would do a better job with half a day to prepare.

which commentary is that on speed? i know the american races are done by speed commentators but the rest of them use the official motogp ones.

yeah dusty check out season they did a pepsi challange thing where they put u.s. commentators clips against motogp, eurosport, and bbc...all commenting on the same 30 seconds or so of on track action....its jaw dropping how horrible u.s. comentary is....thank god i can spend alot of money for a motogp subscription

BBC has better video packages as far as building up the riders as characters.

I can usually get a hold of the BBC coverage first so I'll watch that so I can find out who wins before I read a spoiler or something.

Then being a geek, I'll watch the Eurosport coverage. The Eurosport commentary is so good, it's worth listening to all by itself.

the u.s. rounds at laguna are usually broadcast on network tv and usually done by freddie spencer and some other douche...its just pathetic

An afternoon searching on Google, and some basic, easily learned IT skills, and you can find out how to do this. That, however, would be illegal, and violate Dorna's copyright, something which could not condone, whatever the realities of the situation.

Mamola completes the package. Toby and Jules are the lovable and uber-knowledgeable chuckleheads. Spalding is the engineering professor. Mamola is the racer.

Without the misplaced exuberance of D'Artagnan, the story isn't the same.

Oh well, Brits never appreciated French literature anyway :-P

I'm so glad I know a way to get the Eurosport broadcast in the US. The BBC is terrible imo but watchable if it's the only one available. The US coverage I won't even talk about since I've tried to push that embarrassing attempt at coverage from my memory.