McCoy To Take FB Corse Ride Vacated By Hopkins?

In an unanticipated, if suspected, turn of events, the testing role at the FB Corse project vacated by John Hopkins may be about to filled. The first hint came in a press release from the Italian team, in which they expressed their disappointment at John Hopkins, but also stated their firm intention to continue development of the three-cylinder MotoGP machine designed by Oral Engineering. The statement also said that the team had already signed a new rider to replace Hopper, whose name they would announce at the bike launch in early February. They would not name names, bu they did provide the following clue:

"The new rider has already been found, a top rider with proven experience in all of the most important world championship categories, and an outstanding development rider, but we shall only be revealing his identity at the Team Launch

Other news sources were not so shy. suggested that this probably means Garry McCoy, while the Australian website stated that sources inside the McCoy camp had confirmed to them that McCoy would be riding for FB Corse.

The suggestion that McCoy should ride for FB Corse was glaringly obvious. The Australian veteran has ridden a vast range of machinery in his time, from 125s to a Yamaha YZR 500 to a Kawasaki 990cc MotoGP bike, an Ilmor 800cc MotoGP bike, a Ducati Superbike and latterly a Triumph 675 in World Supersport. After the Australian was unceremoniously dumped by the BE1 team which runs Triumph's racing program, and John Hopkins announced he would be racing in the AMA, it was inevitable that McCoy would take Hopper's place.

But the news is not yet official. It won't be official until the FB Corse unveil their bike in Milan, Italy in a week or so.

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..obvious for me either. i'm glad that Garry found a ride after Triumph sacked him so late in a preseason. he's eperienced enough and it would be good to see him again on gp grid. hope it's true.

even if FB-corse is unproven and the odds are stacked against them, i appreciate the effort and it's great to see Macca back in GPs!

I'd prefer it if a smaller but realistic team hires McCoy. Then we can sure of actually seeing him racing. FB Corse is starting to sound very familiar, and it sounds much more like a marketing effort than a real racing team. I'd be shocked if they actually showed up at any MotoGP rounds.

I'm not getting the marketing effort idea. What are they marketing other than a MotoGP team? What could they possibly be trying to sell that would allow them to recoup the massive investment they are making?

Yeah, not sure where I got that "marketing" thing... what I meant was that it doesn't seem real. Put it this way: John Hopkins signed on for a ride in the AMA over riding in MotoGP with FB Corse. The U.S. series is in complete disarray, but Hopkins must have seen the FB Corse option as even worse.

Add to that the history of failure suffered by much better-organized and funded independent teams attempting to join MotoGP, and I will be shocked to see them racing in 2010.

I have no information other than what's been posted on Motomatters, the FB Corse website and racing blogs, and it's just my impression, so take it with a massive grain of salt.

...mccoy may be better then alot of riders but there is no way in hell he will be able to produce anything on the FB corse bike other then get himself more hurt...sorry...your time is past(and i do like Gary by the way)..and the lack of any good result or even being able to hang at the back of the pack will only hurt the future of the project...get a young level headed rider who isnt a few bones shy of a T-1000

Reminds me of his race on the ilmor. Let's hope this crew has a longer lifespan.

Could have been worse for Gary... he could have ended up in AMA...erm, yeah.

Anyway, lots of good reasons to wish this team success. Here's hoping they can make something happen and stick around for a few years!