Fiat Yamaha Bike Launch - Photos And Videos

Launching a MotoGP race bike is a tricky prospect. The aim is for it to be as glamorous as possible, but without being too expensive for journalists to cover. Ducati solve this problem by launching at a giant event done together with Ferrari in the Italian Alps, but Yamaha have decided to make use of the opportunity presented by the first official MotoGP test of the year, out in Sepang. The location was especially appropriate this year, as Yamaha Indonesia has stepped up into a sponsor role, capitalizing on the growing interest in the sport in that part of Asia. According to Google Trends, Indonesia provides the largest number of users searching for the term "motogp", outnumbering Italy by nearly 4 to 1.

A launch in Asia does pose a number of problems, however. Few of MotoGP's fans in its traditional base of Europe make the trip to attend either the test or the launch, but the ever resourceful souls at Yamaha Racing and Fiat On The Web provided a host of photos and videos for fans to follow the event from the comfort of their own computers. The videos include interviews with Lin Jarvis, head of Yamaha Racing, and riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. The biggest news at the launch was that data would no longer be shared between the two sides of the garage. This move comes after various accusations back and forth between Lorenzo and Rossi that the other side had been using their settings.

The bike was unveiled at 10am local time, and the riders were back hard at work just minutes later.

The official unveiling:

Interview with Valentino Rossi:

Interview with Jorge Lorenzo:

Interview with Lin Jarvis:


Always One Step Ahead. The Indonesian market is crucial to Yamaha, and so Yamaha Indonesia stepped up to sponsor the team.

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disappointing, that visually they couldn't change something,, anything, with,, at least the paint? Come on! This has to be a warmed-over 09 bike.

I guess that removing the Italian colors over the "Fiat" counts as "fresh design" ? I understand "if it isn't broken, dont' fix it" but,, P L E A S E!

Major disappointment from the world champion Yamaha factory.

I dont know if, and i could probably put money in, but it is my thinking that Rossi does not want a livery change, it didnt work well for him when it went from Gaulioses blue to Camel yellow, and yes if it didnt brake dont fix it. Just a thought. FernandoARG

I agree.Boring colours...Change something. Polish the swingarm. Exactly same colour scheme as last year, stickers in the same place. Apart from the YAMAHA INDONESIA reference on the tail section, I would not know it was a new bike. Looks like there is going to be a lot of dummy spitting by Mr. Rossi this year with Lorenzo. See there will be " no sharing of data " as well. Handbags at 50 paces :-)

Sorry about that, I should have spotted that. The photo was in a gallery with the bike launch photos, and I posted it without thinking. If I had looked more closely, I would have seen the people in the photo were Indian, not Indonesian, and if I'd looked at the date, I would have seen it was taking in January. I've removed the photo now.

Thanks for pointing it out! It's a shame that there wasn't a photo with the people from Yamaha Indonesia, because people in Europe completely underestimate just how large a motorcycling market Indonesia is.

Yellow with checkerboard is the only way a Yamaha race bike should fly.

Can someone explain what appears to be to different types of carbon brakes? They are both brembo calipers but different types of discs. Does Jorge have a different set than Valentino?

The difference in brakes between the two bikes is just a coincidence. The brakes on Lorenzo's bike are the high-mass disks used at very tight tracks like the Sachsenring and Donington. The extra carbon fiber mass is meant to help dispel the heat the brakes generate. The brakes fitted to Rossi's bike are the standard disks the team uses at longer tracks, where the brakes have more time to cool off.

Thanks David It was driving me crazy. Now I will just have to decide which ones to slap on my Moto Guzzi for my trips to the mountains. :)

no gas charging on the forks? i think we've seen this on the ducs too. what's the reason behind this?