Special Offer - MotoMatters.com 2010 Racing Calendar Reduced To Clear

The MotoMatters.com 2010 Motorcycle Racing Calendar has been a huge hit, and is now adorning the walls of homes and offices around the world, helping hardcore motorcycle racing fans plan their weekends around their favorite sport. With each race weekend clearly marked, keeping up with when the next race is now incredibly easy for the lucky souls who purchased the calendar. But those who have not yet done so are about to get even luckier: We have slashed a sizable chunk off the purchase price, to help sell the last few copies we have in our storerooms.

On top of the price cut, we will also be offering a free Riders for Health sticker (graciously provided by the US chapter of Riders) to the first 15 people to place an order. 10% of the purchase price already goes to Riders for Health, and the bonus sticker is our way of showing our support to this outstanding organization, and can be your way of joining the mass of people who have helped Riders become what it is today.

Full details of the calendar are available on the MotoMatters.com calendar ordering page, but the highlights of the large 12"x18.5" calendar are one of Scott Jones' fantastic photos every month, as well as a monthly grid with the race weekends for that month clear marked, showing all three days of on-track action for the MotoGP and World Superbike series, as well as birthdays for most of the world's top motorcycle racers. An example page is shown below, while the calendar ordering page has the lowdown on the calendar. Best of all, 10% of the calendar's purchase price goes towards Riders for Health, helping provide health care in remote regions of the world.

New Reduced Price!

The price of the calendar has been slashed to $12.95 plus shipping, for readers based in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Shipping and handling costs will be $6 for the US, $11 for Canada and Mexico, and $13 for Japan, Australia and New Zealand. All prices are in US Dollars, rather than Canadian or Australian. For our European readers, the calendar has been cut to EUR 9.95, plus EUR 6 shipping and handling, while readers in the UK will pay only £7.95 per calendar, plus £6 shipping and handling. As stated, 10% of the purchase price will go towards Riders for Health.

Shipping in the US will be done by USPS Priority Mail, meaning US customers should receive their calendars within 2-3 days of ordering, Canadian and Australian orders will take a couple of days longer. Shipping in Europe will take place by European priority mail, and take 2-3 days to arrive after ordering.

For orders of up to 3 calendars, select the number you want to order from the list of locations shown below. If you are resident outside of the countries shown below, or would like to order more than 3 calendars, drop an email to calendar@motomatters.com with your question.

All orders placed will be shipped as soon as the calendars have been collated and bound. Barring anything apocalyptic happening, we hope to start shipping the first calendars on Thursday, December 10th.

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Month Layout

Casey Stoner in Motomatters.com's 2010 motorcycle racing calendar


Valentino Rossi in Motomatters.com's 2010 motorcycle racing calendar

Back cover

Back cover of Motomatters.com 2010 motorcycle racing calendar

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Payment sent, Sir.

I must say though, if by any chance you'll agree to abandon the 'Monday First' format, I pledge to order my 2011 MotoMatters calendar in Dec, at full price.

Either way, I can't wait to see the calendar!

When you receive your calendar, and see the layout for May, and the Miller Motorsports Park round of WSBK, you'll understand why we don't start the week on Sunday. The Monday race ruins the layout, and makes it hard to interpret exactly when a race is. 

Yeah!, it seems May will be quite busy for teams, riders and for David ...
Take a deep breath my friend.

The Monday to Sunday layout is the right one for this calendar. If you're used to the other format (as I am) you won't have any problems getting used to it. I promise.

The other great use for this calendar, is for getting autographs in the paddock from your favorite rider. Every rider loves to see himself in an authentic Scott Jones' shot. He manages to make them look cooler !

I'm so glad winter is over, at least in the motorcycle racing year.