2010 Phillip Island WSBK Video Highlight Reels

There was much disappointment around the world when it was announced, shortly before the first round at Phillip Island, that the 2010 World Superbike season would not be shown live online on the World Superbike website, as it has been done in previous years. The reason was simple: TV companies - who had paid sizable sums to Infront Motor Sports to screen the races live - were fed up of losing their audiences (and therefore their advertising income) to the website of the company they had handed their money over to.

Fortunately, the World Superbike series can lend at least some succour to racing fans. For Infront has placed highlight reels of both World Superbike and the World Supersport race up on the World Superbike series' Youtube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/sbk. So fans who have missed the races can at least get a taster of the action from Down Under before their local TV stations show the races - if they are being shown in those territories.

Of course, Infront Motor Sports, like Dorna and every other organization selling the broadcast rights for live sports events are still fighting a losing battle. For try as they might - and some organizations try much harder than others - nothing can stop the rise of peer-to-peer and user generated video streaming services such as TV Ants and Justin TV. Each time one service gets shut down, another jumps up in its place. The internet has destroyed the traditional broadcast model for international events, and a new one is desperately needed to take its place. Something to think about as you enjoy the highlights of the WSBK races from Phillip Island.

World Superbike Race 1 Highlights:

Watch on Youtube

World Superbike Race 2 Highlights:

Watch on Youtube

World Supersport Race Highlights:

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These have been great. It is good that Google Video has not yet making surpassing movements against Youtube. Well, even though we cannot see the live action these highlights are enough to make us really exciting about those races.

I don't know if you can watch them from abroad but La7 tv, owner of tv rights in Italy, makes the video of full race available on their site soon after the race. You can enjoy them from here: http://www.la7.tv/

They can invent all kinda hooky laws. They can say we must go swimming without getting wet. Or that we can walk but not touch the ground. Or that water must flow up hill.

Here in the real world i'll continue to get the races from 'sources' and the TV stations can suck it up or improve their product to the point where it's more attractive.

In particular, SpeedTV needs to have it's plug removed from the wall , it's doors locked and it's announcers exiled for crimes against humanity.

I don't think any race series does it self favours by limited access to their show. Maybe if they re-thought things people on the street here might actually know who Valentino Rossi is and top level bike racing wouldn't be turning into the 'money saving' joke that it's quickly becoming.

SpeedTV isn't all that bad. I watched SBK Race 1 and 2 on Sunday afternoon. It was the same exact broadcast I watched live online at a certain website. The only thing that bugged me about it on Speed though was the commercials ...

become irrelevant if you record the races and don't look at websites before viewing. It's the only way to go. Sorry about that, advertisers, but I can't run my life around live broadcast times, and I don't have to.
As Speed is the only (US TV) game in town, we have to suffer commercials - and for the local races, the abysmal local announcers, which is when a live internet feed would be worth whatever they want me to pay if that was an option.