The First Moto2 Test Times With The Official Honda Engine - Kenny Noyes Tops The Pile

The waiting is over, and the Moto2 bikes are finally out on track at Valencia on equal terms, with equal engines. At last we can start comparing times properly, as everyone is now using the official standard Moto2 engine. Using the spec Honda engine, Kenny Noyes is so far quickest, confirming the form the Antonio Banderas Racing rider has shown at all of the Moto2 tests so far. The American - son of US journalist and Spanish TV commentator Dennis - leads the Gresini squad, with Russian newcomer Vladimir Ivanov surprisingly ahead of the championship favorite, Toni Elias. Yuki Takahashi, who has also been fast throughout Moto2 testing, sits in 4th, the Tech 3 rider currently about eight tenths off Noyes' pace.

But the times so far don't mean too much, as no one has put in a great many laps yet, and a sizable group of riders are still in the pits waiting to get underway. Some of the teams are suffering the consequences of - unsurprisingly - the economic crisis: One such is Scot Honda, who according to were forced to wait until this morning before receiving their Moto2 engines, as the team still has unpaid back payments for their MotoGP adventure last season. The team, which is to field Alex de Angelis and Niccolo Canepa, has been given a reprieve for this test, but could still be in trouble before the season starts.

With both the 250 and World Supersport classes racing at Valencia, everyone is keeping a close eye on the times and how they stack up against both the class Moto2 replaces and the class it is drawing the most comparison to. Noyes' time is 1.4 seconds off the 1'36.8 that both Cal Crutchlow in World Supersport and Hector Barbera in 250s recorded here last year. A large chunk of that difference should disappear over the next couple of days, but it is unlikely the Moto2 bikes will be matching the 250 times this season.

Results at 1pm, courtesy of

Pos Rider Bike Time Diff
1 Kenny Noyes PromoHarris 1'38.206 0.000
2 Vladimir Ivanov Moriwaki 1'38.663 0.457
3 Toni Elias Moriwaki 1'38.782 0.576
4 Yuki Takahashi Tech 3 1'39.037 0.831
5 Claudio Corti Suter 1'39.097 0.891
6 Julian Simon RSV 1'39.134 0.928
7 Thomas Luthi Moriwaki 1'39.214 1.008
8 Sergio Gadea Kalex 1'39.483 1.277
9 Yonni Hernandez BQR 1'39.565 1.359
10 Karel Abraham RSV 1'39.769 1.563
11 Jules Cluzel Suter 1'39.957 1.751
12 Joan Olive PromoHarris 1'40.103 1.897
13 Axel Pons Kalex 1'40.176 1.970
14 Mike Di Meglio RSV 1'40.258 2.052
15 Dominique Aegerter Suter 1'40.264 2.058
16 Stefan Bradl Suter 1'40.496 2.290
17 Fonsi Nieto Moriwaki 1'40.599 2.393
18 Vladimir Leonov Suter 1'40.867 2.661
19 Alex Baldolini ICP 1'40.877 2.671
20 Mashel Al Naimi BQR 1'40.998 2.792
21 Arne Tode Suter 1'41.011 2.805
22 Raffaele De Rosa Tech 3 1'41.043 2.837
23 Shoya Tomizawa Suter 1'41.132 2.926
24 Scott Redding Suter 1'41.214 3.008

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I can't remember exactly, but I thought 250's were still ok to run this season.
If that's the case, will we see a quick switch to last years bikes if some of the lower Moto2 teams are slow?

No. The original idea was that the 250s could run with the Moto2 bikes for 2010, but when nobody entered a 250cc bike at the end of last year, they scrapped the 250 rules altogether, and so the teams can only run a Moto2 bike.

Good thinking, though! 

looking good for redding!!

gresini 2nd and 3rd, this is elias' for the taking

Interesting to see Noyes and Ivanov on top of the pile. Also interesting to see how spread out the front runners are. The timing sheet almost resembles a GP timing sheet--only 5 or 6 people within a second, but the midpack is a traffic jam. Unlike GP, I expect the front runners to vary from week to week.

I also remember Aprilia boasting boisterously to that they would provide 250s to selected teams for free!!!! No one took them up on the offer?!

I think something got worked out on the DL at the Aprilia office or in a GPC meeting. Either that or is selling works of fiction. The former is more likely b/c Aprilia defiantly pledged to build the best 4-stroke Moto2 bike after the 250s were scrapped, but those claims have caused friction between upper management and the GP team.

The GPC allegedly brokered some big deal to keep the 125s running in a cost effective manner. Someone might have greased Aprilia's palm during the 125 negotiations so they'd let the 250s go. That someone would have been Ezpeleta.

Executives don't leave things to chance. The point of Moto2 was to break up the Aprilia monopoly and create a cost-limited series that would allow teams and riders to work towards MotoGP. The factories aren't participating at all---not even Honda as evidenced by low power-output of the CBR engine. Moto2 is Dorna's baby.

so which one got where as the news dosnt add up to the timeing sheets? I also noticed elsewhere that in fact tiger toni elias topped the timesheets.

These were early times at 1pm, not the final times. To see the final times, check the story just posted.

And it was Ivanov, and not Leonov as I mistakenly reported earlier. I was getting my Vladimirs mixed up.