Moto2 Test Day 2 Times - Simon Fastest, Noyes And Elias Follow

The second day of testing at Valencia saw some fairly big shakeups in the timesheets, with some riders making big steps while others barely improved, but at the end of the day, the same bunch of names sat at the top of the timesheets that had been there at the end of Monday. The order, though, was slightly different, with Julian Simon the fastest man of the day, the Aspar rider getting stuck just outside the 1'36s, his best time a lap of 1'37.156, which would have qualified him in 7th place at the last 250cc race here at Valencia.

Simon's progress was matched by Kenny Noyes of the Banderas Jack&Jones team, both men improving their times by some three tenths of a second, despite considerably cooler temperatures at the Cheste circuit. Yesterday's fastest man, Toni Elias, could not go any faster on Tuesday, ending the day with a time a hundredth slower than his best lap yesterday. Claudio Corti of the Forward Racing team - the remnants of last year's Hayate squad - once again finished 4th, while Tech 3's Yuki Takahashi improved to 5th place, less than half a second off Simon's best time.

Alex de Angelis and Thomas Luthi both made big jumps forward, De Angelis going from 15th to 6th, while Luthi leapfrogged from 12th to 7th. Colombian rider Yonny Hernandez dropped a spot to 8th place, but Fonsi Nieto of the Italtrans STR squad made a huge improvement in his times, going from 20th up to 9th.

Overall, though, the picture remains the same: The fastest former 125 rider is the extremely experienced Sergio Gadea, in 14th spot and some 1.3 seconds off the pace of his compatriot and former Aspar teammate. Of the top 10, only Simon, Luthi and Debise have no four-stroke experience, while the rest have either come up through a four-stroke class such as Superstock, World Superbikes or the Spanish CEV Formula Extreme championships.

With Simon improving his time significantly, the Moto2 times are starting to approach the times set by the 250s and World Supersport classes, though there is still some distance to go. Much of that deficit, however, is nothing to do with either the engine or the chassis, but down to the second most important component on the bike (the rider being number one in that list): The tires, as has pointed out. Throughout the testing period, Dunlop has been supplying the teams with tires that are both wider and a harder compound than the Supersport tires, and as a consequence, they are not producing much grip. The spec Dunlops are already being referred to jokingly as "endurance tires" in the paddock, and riders are regularly getting 45 and even 60 laps out of the tires, well over twice race distance. Dunlop is said to be working on softer compounds to provide more grip, but like Honda and the spec engines, they are focusing on endurance first, and then improving grip. A process which, while it might worry the fans, provides a much more controllable path to producing an outstanding tire.

Testing concludes tomorrow, but conditions are not looking favorable for the class. The morning is expected to be cool once again, with a chance of rain. The weather is expected to clear and warm up late in the afternoon, and so the track is unlikely to see much action tomorrow morning.

Overall times from the second day of testing for the Moto2 class at Valencia: 

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 60 Julían Simón RSV 1'37.156 0.000  
2 9 Kenny Noyes PromoHarris 1'37.371 0.215 0.215
3 24 Toni Elias Moriwaki 1'37.540 0.384 0.169
4 71 Claudio Corti Suter 1'37.579 0.423 0.039
5 72 Yuki Takahashi Tech3 1'37.635 0.479 0.056
6 15 Alex de Angelis Scot 1'37.901 0.745 0.266
7 12 Thomas Luthi Moriwaki 1'38.056 0.900 0.155
8 68 Yonny Hernandez BQR 1'38.144 0.988 0.088
9 10 Fonsi Nieto Moriwaki 1'38.151 0.995 0.007
10 53 Valentin Debise ADV 1'38.190 1.034 0.039
11 17 Karel Abraham RSV 1'38.260 1.104 0.070
12 16 Jules Cluzel Suter 1'38.301 1.145 0.041
13 35 Raffaele De Rosa Tech3 1'38.426 1.270 0.125
14 40 Sergio Gadea Kalex 1'38.456 1.300 0.030
15 80 Axel Pons Kalex 1'38.459 1.303 0.003
16 2 Gabor Talmacsi FTR 1'38.512 1.356 0.053
17 8 Anthony West MZ 1'38.523 1.367 0.011
18 25 Alex Baldolini ICP 1'38.542 1.386 0.019
19 63 Mike di Meglio RSV 1'38.572 1.416 0.030
20 61 Vladimir Ivanov Moriwaki 1'38.614 1.458 0.042
21 48 Shoya Tomizawa Suter 1'38.681 1.525 0.067
22 41 Arne Tode Suter 1'38.783 1.627 0.102
23 4 Stefan Bradl Suter 1'38.893 1.737 0.110
24 5 Joan Olivé PromoHarris 1'38.940 1.784 0.047
25 6 Álex Debón FTR 1'38.977 1.821 0.037
26 59 Niccolo Canepa Scot 1'39.045 1.889 0.068
27 77 Dominique Aegerter B&B Team 1'39.133 1.977 0.088
28 45 Scott Redding Suter 1'39.198 2.042 0.065
29 95 Mashel Al Naimi BQR 1'39.212 2.056 0.014
30 39 Robertino Pietri Suter 1'39.339 2.183 0.127
31 29 Andrea Iannone FTR 1'39.999 2.843 0.660
32 52 Lukas Pesek Moriwaki 1'40.254 3.098 0.255
33 27 Vincent Lonbois Suter 1'40.525 3.369 0.271
34 3 Simone Corsi TSR 1'40.766 3.610 0.241
35 21 Vladimir Leonov Suter 1'40.768 3.612 0.002
36 75 Mattia Pasini TSR 1'40.858 3.702 0.090
37 88 Yannick Guerra Moriwaki 1'41.072 3.916 0.214

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I object to you ignoring the 125cc class.
Its bad enough that you sold out to WSB.

I have limited resources, and have not had the time to cover the 125s as well - despite their being some interesting stories coming from the 125 testing. I intend to wrap up the entire 125 test tomorrow, I hope you can wait that long. 

You forgot to tell him that if he doesn't like it here, he can go read the press releases over at =) You're clearly slipping.

Here's what happened at the 125 test:

1. Some teenagers rode the last of the two strokes in GP racing. Some were born with a Arai strapped on their heads and the blessing of the factories. Others have driven their parents into bankruptcy just to get a spot on the back of the grid, hoping to be noticed.
2. Those kids put in faster times than the Moto2 washups.
3. The teens are way faster than you or anyone on here can even dream of.
4. Enjoy the 125s; they'll probably be replaced by stock CRF 250, four stroke singles as a cost saving measure by 2012. Assuming the world doesn't come to an end, first.
5. The age limit in 125 is 29. Quit dreaming.

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