Moto2 Test Day 3 Times - De Angelis Leads Depleted Field

The final day of testing started a washout, with the overnight rain continuing into the morning, and leaving the track soaked. For about half the field, this was the signal to pack up and head to Jerez, where the Moto2 class will continue to test from Saturday, but a sizable group remained. Only a few braved the wet conditions of the morning, Ant West topping the timesheets early, the Australian renowned for wet weather riding, having taken his only 250cc victory in a downpour in 2003.

Once the track dried up in the afternoon, the track saw more action, but few riders bettered their times from Tuesday. Alex de Angelis was one exception to the rule, and the three tenths of a second he took off yesterday's time put him firmly atop the timesheets, exactly half a second quicker than Monday's fastest man Toni Elias, and nearly nine tenths faster than Tech 3's Yuki Takahashi.

The weather was not the only reason so many of the riders were absent. The teams have been told they can only put 1500 km on the spec Honda 600 engine, and people have been running through that allowance pretty quickly, taking advantage of the dry weather on the first two days to work on solving the almost universal chatter problems which plagued the paddock. The current allotment of engines have to last for the next IRTA test at Jerez, before being replaced for the Qatar test and the season opener. With hope of better weather further south, teams are saving on mileage in dubious conditions and will run as much as possible at a hopefully warmer and drier Jerez.

Times from the final day of testing for Moto2 at Valencia: 

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 15 Alex de Angelis Scot 1'37.687 0.000  
2 24 Toni Elias Moriwaki 1'38.187 0.500 0.500
3 72 Yuki Takahashi Tech3 1'38.577 0.890 0.390
4 2 Gabor Talmacsi FTR 1'38.716 1.029 0.139
5 40 Sergio Gadea Kalex 1'38.920 1.233 0.204
6 48 Shoya Tomizawa Suter 1'38.980 1.293 0.060
7 77 Dominique Aegerter Suter 1'39.078 1.391 0.098
8 80 Axel Pons Kalex 1'39.482 1.795 0.404
9 25 Alex Baldolini ICP 1'39.624 1.937 0.142
10 16 Jules Cluzel Suter 1'39.680 1.993 0.056
11 71 Claudio Corti Suter 1'39.867 2.180 0.187
12 4 Stefan Bradl Suter 1'39.919 2.232 0.052
13 35 Raffaele De Rosa Tech3 1'40.030 2.343 0.111
14 29 Andrea Iannone FTR 1'40.147 2.460 0.117
15 59 Niccolo Canepa Scot 1'40.161 2.474 0.014
16 75 Mattia Pasini TSR 1'40.597 2.910 0.436
17 8 Anthony West MZ 1'40.713 3.026 0.116
18 21 Vladimir Leonov Suter 1'41.551 3.864 0.838
19 3 Simone Corsi TSR 1'42.064 4.377 0.513
20 52 Lukas Pesek Moriwaki 1'42.416 4.729 0.352
21 39 Robertino Pietri Suter 1'44.310 6.623 1.894

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You mentioned in your post about delivery of the official engines that they have to "last for the upcoming two official IRTA tests and the first three races of the season". But you say above they get new ones for the Qatar test. I presume it's possible to put in a lot more track time at a 3-day test than a race weekend (weather permitting).

Thanks in advance for clarifying!

The whole situation is indeed confusing. From what I understand, the information in this post is correct, and the information in the previous post is incorrect. Basically, the teams get 1500kms on an engine, and a specified number of events per engine. I believe that the teams will use the engines they currently have for the test at Jerez this weekend, then get new engines for the next test plus the first two races. After that, it's three races per engine.

But I'm still not entirely sure. I shall endeavor to get official word on the engines this weekend.

I may be confused but it seems with the start of the season only one month away and the Moto2 teams having just now completed their first tests with the engines they are required to use and with the rules (policies?) regarding engine life still in question that the implementation of the new Moto2 formula seems more like it's being run by amateurs. Hasn't Moto2 been in the works for some time? Why is so much unsettled at the last minute? Why was there such a rush to replace the 250's rather than move at a deliberate pace and get everything right before actually doing it. I've tried to stay positive about Moto2 (and still am to a certain extent) but it seems like it's being run by the DMG bunch.