Video: Wayne Gardner - The Lone Rider Documentary

Here's a treat for the many fans nostalgic for the days of the 500cc two strokes: A three-part documentary about Wayne Gardner's 1986 season in the then 500cc Grand Prix class. It features much to enjoy: A much younger and bearded Jerry Burgess, a much younger and slimmer Stuart Shenton, and interviews with Randy Mamola and Eddie Lawson. It also serves to remind the viewer just how much more dangerous racing was back then: Note the armco and lack of runoff at many of the tracks shown in the documentary. A fascinating look back at the past in 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Love to watch the old GP's especialy the 500's they always seem to have 50+ bikes on the grid..
as we say in Australia about the fallen in war on Anzac ( remeberenceday) "Lest we forget"

Two-strokes, crappy gear, hot pants, teased bangs, bearded Burgess, old Assen, and front-engined water-cooled Porsche V8s. Amazing.