Freddie Spencer's Championship Bikes For Sale

Ask some of the veterans of the MotoGP paddock who the greatest racer of all time was, and you'll get a fairly short list of names, usually including Valentino Rossi, Giacomo Agostini, Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson and Kevin Schwantz. But the answer to that question is almost always followed up by the words "And then there's Freddie Spencer, of course..." Spencer's career was cut short by a wrist injury, but before he was forced to retire, the young American shocked the world by being the only man to win both the 500cc and 250cc World Championships in the same year. Fast Freddie was precocious, sensitive and blindingly, mind-bogglingly fast.

Since retiring from racing, Spencer's fortunes have been very mixed. The Louisiana native ran a successful riding school and was the motorcycle racing commentator for the US SpeedTV channel, but both of those ventures have gone sour. Spencer's riding school was forced to shut down at the end of 2008, after financial problems saw the instructors go unpaid and the bikes repossessed. Spencer's commentary work also dried up, with Daytona legend Scott Russell taking his place in the commentary booth.

There are signs that things are getting even worse for Spencer. The American has been forced to put two of his championship-winning race bikes up for sale. Specialist dealers RMD Motors have up for sale Spencer's 1983 championship-winning Honda NS500 triple and his NSR250 twin, one of the bikes he won that legendary double title on in 1985. The bikes are to be sold as a pair, and are likely to fetch a handsome sum, due to both their rarity and their historical importance.

Freddy Spencer's NS500 and NSR250 Honda race bikes

Potential purchasers should head on over to RMD Motors' website for more details, including who to contact to arrange a viewing. Interested parties with lottery tickets and hope in their heart should head on over to the website anyway, and take a look at some of the other bikes the company has on offer, including a 1950s NSU 250 racer, a 1988 Schwantz Pepsi replica Suzuki RGV250, and my own personal favorite, a 1976 Yamaha TZ750.

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Stuff like this just breaks my heart and boggs my mind. How can it be that such a legend has to sell the machinery he became a legend on? How is it possible that Fast Freddie can't make a decent buck somewhere?

lo - i HATE to say this, but i think freddie's misfortunes are maybe linked to his love of a drink.

i watched a number of broadcasts where freddie was LOADED.

it was kind of funny to see & he seems a happy 'drunk' but i expect - having been one myself - that business & drinking don't always work too well.

its a crying shame & we can but HOPE he comes to his senses.

such a sad day for such a wonderful racer - but it happens a LOT & won't stop with this day.

i expect to be flamed but please save it.

One would figure Honda could use him in some capacity, but maybe that's naive thinking.

Drunk or not, I don't know anything about that, but I think he was a better commentator then Russell is. And I'm a big Russell fan, just think Freddie was better in that particular role.

David, your list of possible 'greatest racers of all time' has one glaring omission - Stanley Michael Bailey Hailwood, or Mike the Bike as he's probably better known. Even now, thirty years after his death, he is still widely regarded as 'the greatest'. Just ask Vale...

I know I missed Hailwood. There's a few other names I also could have mentioned, which is why I prefer to stay away from GOAT debates. Too many candidates, and too difficult to compare.

to hear that Freddie has to sell off his Championship Bikes. That may be something that he may not recover from. When I first read about his bike school going under it killed me. Did not know until right now that Scott Russell permanently took his place commentating races. Lit or not Freddie Spenser seemed to be a good commentator with great insights. I do not know what went on behind the scenes, but there are a TON of commentators that get LIT the F*** UP before coming on TV.

Hope everything turns around for him. It is always hard to watch someone that was a Champion having such a hard time financially.

I don't want to kick someone already down, but let's be honest: Freddie was a terrible announcer. He could make the most exciting action seem deadly boring.

I've only seen Russell once (the Daytona race), and I about turned it off when they started comparing the contact patch on NASCAR tire to the motorcycle tires. SPEED just does not get it.

Fast Freddy is my all-time fav. He put Honda back on the map when they were given up for dead. Now that he's down and out, HRC should step up and do the same for him.