James Toseland Video Interview: On Portimao, British Riders And WSBK

Whenever fans talk of their dreams of being a world famous motorcycle racer, they have in their minds the image of travelling from circuit to circuit, and focusing on nothing but racing. Of course, life isn't like that, and one of the duties of a factory World Superbike rider is to turn up at motorcycle shows, corporate PR events and a host of other occasions to help market the brand helping to pay their wages. James Toseland understands this, and performs this task admirably, taking advantage of the situation to practice his second passion, playing the piano, at such affairs.

Toseland is currently in Rome for the MotoDays exhibition, helping Yamaha to launch their brand new FZ8 naked bike. While he was there, our friends over at GPOne.com took the opportunity to catch up with him, and did a short video interview with the Sterilgarda Yamaha rider. In the interview, Toseland talks about the transition from MotoGP to World Superbike, his expectations of Portimao, and why so many British riders are in the World Superbike series. Here's the video from GPOne.com:

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Is James inferring that his poor results last year were down to the Tech3 yamaha..?

His teamate finished 5th in front of four factory bikes fer chrissake!

I was hoping he'd put the excuses to bed this year and stop making himself an obvious target..you know, fresh championship, new goals..he comes over well, most of the time, and clearly has a brain..so why does he have to trot out the same BS when it's done, history.
If he stays in denial about the reasons he's back in WSBK it could be a big negative for the rest of his career, he'll have a chip on his shoulder, stop learning and jepordise the chance to move on..

I think you inferred that Toseland implied that Tech 3 was the problem. I think he simply said that it is difficult to contend in MotoGP on a satellite team.

Tech 3 wasn't holding James back (AFAIK), but when asked specifically about the experience of running on a satellite team, it is ok to talk about the challenges the team had.

Colin did the same thing the other day. He said that he struggled at the end of last year b/c he was testing Yamaha's 3-race engine.


You are quite right, thankyou for the English comprehension lesson..

It's OK to talk and that could include him holding his hand up, as well as the usual unconvincing explanations.
Edwards' results hardly fell off a Cliff after Brno, he was still soundly beating Toseland.

I was just teasing you. I agree that Toseland usually has nothing but unconvincing excuses for his poor performance. I think we all learned Toseland makes bad excuses at the end of 2008 when he said Coulon was holding him back.

He might have been whining a bit about the team begging for money and support, but it didn't sound like he was blaming Tech 3 to me.

Don't blame me, I voted for Crutchlow.

Toseland is finished. Just like John Hopkins. Sorry, Brits, but you still have plenty good riders left to cheer for. Just none in GP.

Might as well retire and focus on the music if it's so important to him. I think when you're at the level that he's at (or was at), you've got to have a total obsession with your sport, with no distractions.

This is a shame. i was expecting better from the posters on this site, especially after David has specifically asked for rider-bashing to be cut out. It seems as if JT-bashing is a universal sport, but one that's most popular in the USA.

The guilt trip was weak.

Most negative comments regarding JT pertain to this interview or his recent performance at PI (also in this interview).

Is there any reason to praise him ATM?

Sometimes you catch flak, sometimes you're banished to obscurity, sometimes you get accolades.

That's life.

I don't think so. Sure, Americans criticize Toseland regarding the crew chief swap, but that's clearly over and 99.9% of the current JT bashing is straight from the Brits.

He's broken YOUR heart, not ours. With all the new British talent like Haslam & Crutchlow, the harsh reality is that some guys get fed up with failed expectations and start rooting for someone else. They feel let down and pissed off.

I met James at the USGP and he was one of the nicest fellows I've met. He signed autographs and posed for pics AFTER getting black flagged for a jump start just hours earlier. I don't know too many Americans who dislike him as you suggest. Trust me, don't pin the mass of JT resentment on us.

Its a fine line between bashing and criticism Mango, I for one still like James quite a bit (his current bike is my wallpaper ATM) even after all the bad press he has received after his well publicized run-in's with Colin last year, and I am an American. But the comments from Phoenix and Wosideg are 100% legitimate and on the right side of the line if you get my meaning, in my opinion. I am starting to feel like his best days are behind him but I truly hope I am wrong.

i had vowed to shut up regarding james, but to summise i believe the problem with how james comes across is, for example, he never comes forth he'll say he was 6 seconds from 3rd.
his optimism seems to defy logic sometimes.
he mentions in the video he's unsure who's harder to beat at p.i. rossi or bayliss and talks about his great battle with rossi in '08..as i recall he overtook rossi twice at p.i. in '08...hardly a great battle! yes it took roosi a while to get away from the group jt was leading but ask anyone of their memories from p.i. 08 and no-one will say jt's great bettle with rossi.
i am english but this doesn't prevent me from calling it as i see it...i think james confidence has taken a hit i dont think he'll ever come back from. i hope he proves me wrong.
the bbc love him so he'll never be out of work i can see him going on to being a race commentator, then he'll probably end up with his own cooking show!
confidence is a fickle thing, some can brush off adversity and carry on unphased while other struggle to see their former glory...time will tell where james lies.
his contract with yamaha is for one year i believe so he has to impress this season.

i herby vow to shut up about jt unless he wins a race and i have to eat my words!

are reading too much into what he said. i'm not his biggest fan, but c'mon, he didn't sing his usual slew of excuses this time. i hope him the best, but i wouldn't be surprised if he finishes the championship 6th.

Haha..hope you don't have to eat your words if JTs cooked them.

6th, even though it's his favourite number, won't be enough to get him a decent ride next year.