Suzuki Reveal 2010 MotoGP Livery

After Yamaha and Ducati revealed their 2010 bikes, today it was the turn of the smallest of the manufacturers, Suzuki. The Rizla sponsorship remains, with the brand strengthened by having the livery designed by the famous American firm of Troy Lee Designs. The traditional Rizla powder blue remains, but the darker elements make the bike look squatter and rather more brooding. Much more like a MotoGP should look.

Suzuki also released the specifications of the bike, but like the specs provided by every manufacturer in MotoGP, they do not reveal any real information of note, such as bore, stroke, V angle, etc. The engine has received significant upgrades over the winter, to produce more horsepower and better engine characteristics, an improvement which saw both Loris Capirossi and Alvaro Bautista leap up the timesheets during the last test at Sepang. Suzuki has a strong record of testing at the Malaysian track, but they tend to start slipping backwards as the season goes on. With the veteran/rookie pairing of Capirossi and Bautista, perhaps this is the year that Suzuki turns the corner.

Here's Alvaro Bautista's bike:

Alvaro Bautista's 2010 Suzuki GSV-R MotoGP Bike

Alvaro Bautista's 2010 Suzuki GSV-R MotoGP bike


Engine Type:2010 GSV-R 4 stroke water cooled V4
Displacement: 800cc
Max Power: 225+ ps / 18,000rpm
Valve Control and Type: Pneumatic (air control), DOHC four-valve
Carburation Type: Fuel injection
Lubrication System: Wet sump (Motul Lubricants)
Clutch: Dry multi plates (back torque reduction type)
Transmission: Six speed low friction constant mesh
Final Drive: Chain
Frame Type: Twin spar aluminum alloy frame
Suspension: Front: Inverted type telescopic (Ohlins)
Rear: Link type (Ohlins)
Tyres: Bridgestone
Wheels: Front and rear: 429mm (16.5 inches)
Brake System: Front: Double carbon disc (Brembo)
Rear: Single steel disc (Brembo)
Overall Length: 2080mm
Overall Width: 660mm
Overall Height: 1150mm
Weight : 150+kg
Fuel Tank: 21L
Estimated top speed: 330+km/h

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Suzuki come out every year with there new bike and end up changing the body work not long after the first race...
They need a Eurpean desginers to do the body work for them, like the guys that made the Aprilia RSW 250's or 125's

It's a nice looking bke - but then most MotoGP bikes are. Hiring Troy Lee Designs might make the sponsors happy with the look of the bike but I'll bet they'd be even happier if that money went into making the bike more competitive.

I just hope they dont have the same BORING GIRLS in POLICE ?? UNIFORMS Again..... OK for a while, but, totally boring now ......

Back to the bike.... Ugly Tank and Tail Section

If Suzuki comes back again with the same "sexy" police girl for their brolly girls I'm going to laugh my arse off. Like the same ugly paint scheme, It's just another sign they don't want to move forward or change anything with their GP program. Incidentally, the ugly paint job more then likely continues to be ugly due to their title sponsors request. Keep up the fight baby blue.

i am sorry, but as a professional graphic artist for some 24 years, i have to say this bike's 'graphic design' is brutally boring.

i fail to see how 'troy lee designs' got the gig??! but this is all too common in the design world, where costs & politics - hey, sounds like all life - get in the way of great design; there are way too many great designers no-one ever heard of in any city that would have made a WAY more radically cool looking bike that would have both moved units AND generated excitement/revenue (& i am NOT talking about me, either).

if they were looking for inside the paddock design firms, rossi's helmet designers coulda/woulda/shoulda been THE choice!

perhaps politics again?

too bad suzuki - too bad.

The bike has barely changed in the last 3 or 4 years. Yes, it looks more blocky with each passing year, but this bike isn't shockingly different.

AFAIK, Suzuki refuse to use Magnetti Marelli so they will probably continue to languish towards the back regardless of what the bike looks like.

Troy Lee Designs probably signed on as some kind of co-branding exercise, but I'm assuming that Rizla approve the final design. Troy Lee is probably regretting his commitment to this project b/c the bike has no style whatsoever. It looks the same as every other season so it appears as though he brought nothing to the table.

it's not that it is ugly as much as it has become synonymous with "last place" or "slow". If this is indeed Suzuki's break out year, than it would have been more appropriate to have a flash new design. It is also mostly the fault of Rizla. Someone needs to tell them that "swimming pool" blue should only be used in swimming pools. It really is, one of the 10 worst hues to use anywhere else. Also, Troy-Lee has hit rock bottom with his association with that paint job. That name "used-to" be associated with cutting edge designs, not a dark blue accent stripe.
no, not an ugly bike,,, just "old",,before it hit the track.

When I heard Troy Lee was on board, I expected the bike would be something crazy like the Austin Powers Repsol, 1969 Repsol, PI Ducati, or the Moon Man Yamaha.

It's just another Suzuki with a subdued dark blue accent. Oh well. Maybe Rizla Suzuki will loosen the reigns and we will get treated to some really nice one-off liveries during the course of the season.

utilize some of the product their papers are associated with & then when they are RIGHT baked .... THEN they should consider visual design!

The color is fine. They OWN that color. You can tell a rizla bike a mile away.

The design is pretty much the same + blue stripe. Wonder how much it cost for that stripe :)

The back of the seat looks like a parachute. I'm sure they wind tested.

I wonder if their suits will actually match the bike tone this year. The miss-match always makes them look like the Clampetts, like they just tossed something together in time for the race.

What is all that stuff under the right side seat? A toolbox or something? Is that where loris keeps his lunch?

Not quite as ugly as say, a san carlos honda, but far from inspiring.

I'll forgive the design if they get it on the box :)