Lorenzo Likely To Test In Qatar

Jorge Lorenzo is almost certain to take part in next week's final MotoGP test at Qatar. The Spaniard's participation in the test had been in doubt since Lorenzo broke his wrist during a motocross accident in early February. The injury had already caused Lorenzo to skip the second test at Sepang, and with testing limited to just six days before the season starts in April, Qatar would be the final chance for the Fiat Yamaha rider to test before the championship commences.

Lorenzo has spent a lot of time in physical therapy since his injury, squeezing it in between a full program of personal appearances for several sponsors, as well as appearing on a Spanish TV show. But his recovery has gone better than expected: On Thursday, Lorenzo announced on his Facebook page that he would make a decision on whether to ride at Qatar on Monday, but after physiotherapy on Friday, he announced that he thinks he will be able to take part at Qatar.

Lorenzo's injury once again highlights the risks of such a limited testing schedule. If Lorenzo had been forced to miss Qatar, he would have had just two days of preparation for the 2010 MotoGP season this year. With MotoGP featuring the most sophisticated and advanced racing motorcycles in the world, that surely would have been too little.

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It’s good to read Jorge thinks he’ll be able to test at Qatar.

I wonder if the factory teams are really saving much money with the testing limitations. The teams surely must be relying more heavily on test-riders doing development work. How much cheaper could testing with test riders be? It would seem to make more sense to me to have more testing with the guys who will actually race the bikes. This rule was made to save money but is doing so at the expense of bike/rider/track development – and that hinders teams from putting the best bikes on the grid possible.

It does seem daft to me that test riders have been the only ones allowed on the first day of the official gatherings..all logistics are in place, mileage has been carried out at factory test tracks by these riders, who are way slower anyway..give seat time to the GP pilots who need the reacquaintence time.

Jorge is sorely missing this seat time and will have to readjust his start to the season. A wrist injury on your throttle hand is worrying..if he can score a few decent points early, while regaining his strength, he could still be a strong contender.

I hope he gets well soon b/c MotoGP needs more people up front.

Maybe the test rider session is political or symbolic. I thought (incorrectly?) that the testing ban was an agreement not to test at all regardless of team riders or test riders. If they've banned almost all preseason testing, the one day might just be something to keep the MSMA test riders busy.

The reason for the test riders is to give the bike a shakedown, to make sure that everything is working so that the MotoGP regulars don't waste their time sitting in the pits waiting for the bike to be fixed. The logic of the thing is all rather tortured, and you have to wonder whether it is all worthwhile.