Moto2 Latest: Kino Racing Folds, Wilairot And Faubel To Use Bimota

As the Moto2 class approaches its inaugural race, the field is going through a shake out and approaching its final lineup. For some teams this is good news, for others less so. The Stop & Go team can number themselves among the former: Today, the team confirmed it would be taking part in the 2010 Moto2 season under the name Thai Honda PTT SAG, and fielding the Bimota chassis for their two riders Ratthapark Wilairot and Hector Faubel.

There had been question marks over the team, after both Wilairot and Faubel had failed to turn up at any of the Moto2 tests since the post-race tests at Valencia. The trouble was one of contracts, team manager Edu Perales told The team had originally been negotiating with Suter for chassis, but had backed out in the end over disagreements over support. Bimota offered a more direct contact with the manufacturer, a chance that Perales and the SAG team had jumped at.

The delay has caused a problem for the team. Both riders are chronically short of test time, and will get their first proper test on the bike at Jerez in two weeks' time. Both Wilairot and Faubel will have a lot of catching up to do in those three days.

Worse news came for the Kino Racing team, who had been putting together a team to field Argentinian rider Fabrizio Perren. The problem was both age-old and simple: the team could not get together the minimum budget required to race for a full season, at which point team manager Kino Contreras decided to pull the plug. "This is a terrible blow for everyone involved in the project," Contreras told," but seeing the situation we are in and without a minimum guaranteed budget, we decided to cancel the whole project." Kino Racing is unlikely to be the last team to pull out, but given that the season starts in less than a month, the numbers likely to withdraw will happily be fairly small.

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Glad to see Wilairot out there. He has progressed really well and is no longer just an anomaly (as in not Italian or Spanish).