Switching Hosting - Some Site Outage Possible In Days To Come

The enormous success of has seen our traffic grow tenfold over the past three years, and we are starting to become the victims of our own success. We have completely outgrown our current hosting situation, and after DNS problems made unreachable for a small part of our readers earlier this year, it was clear we had to act.

The time has now come for us to switch to a bigger, better and faster server. Unfortunately, this means some inconvenience for our readers for the next week or so, as the internet gets used to the idea that is located on a different server. Consequently, the website could become unreachable for a short length of time, and mail may not be delivered correctly.

Fortunately, this situation should not last too long. We're hoping everything should be back to normal by next Monday at the very latest, though the inconvenience should only last for a couple of days.

As part of the switchover, a few things will change. Firstly, we will have to disable comments, so that we do not lose any of the comments posted during the switchover period. As soon as the switchover is complete, we will enable comments once again. There may also be problems with the forum, but this will be switched over ahead of time to prevent too much downtime for the registered users there.

The switchover will start tomorrow (Tuesday, March 16th), and comments will be disabled later this evening, Central European Time. Thanks in advance for your patience - we greatly value your readership, and hope the inconvenience of the next few days will not scare you away. We hope to have something juicy to chew over once we return, and we hope the site will be faster and more responsive.

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The old IP is still there, but the server is not up to the loads we are now experiencing. In fact, I may be forced to up the specs on the current server, as this one is running into its limits. But at least I can up the specs on this, and the support at (where this is hosted) is outstanding, which helps a lot!