FB Corse And McCoy To Compete From Jerez

News travels fast, and sometimes it arrives too quickly to make sense of. After reporting earlier that Dorna representative Franco Uncini said the FB Corse bike was "not yet ready to race," FB Corse have announced their intention to do just that. However, just as Uncini recommended, FB Corse have decided against joining the grid at Qatar, spending their money on developing the bike instead, to be ready for the first European round of MotoGP at Jerez on May 2nd.

Uncini had pronounced himself impressed with the bike, developed by the renowned Oral Engineering, who have a long and illustrious history in Formula One, but felt that the bike needed more development before it would be ready to compete at the highest level. That was obvious from the lap times: according to SportMediaset, McCoy's best lap was a 1'40, about 7.5 seconds off Casey Stoner's lap record of 1'32.582. But given that this was the bike's first proper foray onto the track, and that the laps were run without any electronics at all, the team stands a good chance of using the obvious room there is for improvement.

By using the three weeks gained by skipping Qatar and Motegi, FB Corse believe they will have closed the gap significantly, and be closer to being competitive by the time the Spanish round of MotoGP arrives, as they explain in their press release shown below:


Dorna confirms FB Corse entry in the MotoGP World Championship.

Valencia, 17th march 2010

Today, Franco Uncini and Oscar Gallardo have given their approval to FB Corse after a full day test in Valencia track.

After being confirmed as the new entry, the team FB Corse and Garry McCoy have decided to continue developing the FB01 and start the championship in the Jerez round.

McCoy has done a three days test with a very positive result. The FB01 has been running with no electronics for the Australian to feel the bike.

Garry McCoy: “ What we achieved today for me was remarkable because from where we started from the first day to achieve so many laps today, I really did not expect that at all. I was really wanting to go to Qatar and Japan but I think that our decision is very wise as we have to concentrate on the development of the bike in order to improve and be competitive from the first race.”

Sergio Bertocchi: “I am really happy about all the compliments we have received from Dorna and Franco Uncini. I was not really expecting to be at that level. I am very satisfied that they allow us to enter the championship when we want and we will do the necessary development in order to enter with the best conditions.”

Andrea Ferrari: “I am very satisfied about the results of today. The team has done a great job and they have been working very hard to achieve our main goal. Right now is very important to continue developing the bike.”

Franco Antoniazzi (Oral Engineering): “ We have done an extraordinary job today. There is an absolute symbiosis between Garry, the team and the bike that allow us to work in the best conditions. Garry has everything needed to go further with this project.”

Tomorrow the FB Corse team will continue testing in the Valencia circuit.

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Without question, without missing those two races, FB Corse and McCoy would've been a cinch to win the Championship.

It's a shame we aren't treated to new entrants on a more regular basis. I wish FB Corse the best, and I hope they are able to get close to the pace. Hopefully, they can find funding to build a 1000cc engine for 2012.

good decision not to let them in given the farce going on in formula 1 right now

7.5 secs off with no electronics on the first run isn't so bad though, talmacsi was 3-4 seconds off the pace sometimes wasn't he? so not far to go

even 18 bikes is a pathetic state of affairs though