FB Corse Bike "Not Yet Ready To Race"

As the established MotoGP field warm their engines for the final test of the season at Qatar starting on Thursday, back in Europe, another bike has been auditioning to join the show. At Valencia today, the FB Corse team ran a timed test in front of Franco Uncini, Dorna and IRTA's representative sent to evaluate the project, with the hope of impressing Uncini sufficiently that the team and their rider Garry McCoy would be admitted as the 18th official entry into the MotoGP class.

Their hopes have been dashed, however. Uncini's verdict, though full of praise for the team, is negative, and the FB Corse team will not be allowed to start the season at Qatar. Speaking to GPOne.com, Uncini described the project as "interesting," but said what the FB Corse really needed was more time and more miles on the bike to develop it further and refine it before it is ready to race.

When exactly what it was that the FB Corse needed to get it ready, Uncini was clear: "It's not a question of reliability," the former World Champion told GPOne.com, "the bike had no problems at all. But it really needs to put in some track miles. They are still right at the very start of the project." The Italian repeated that he was very positive about the FB Corse bike, though. "The project looks really good," Uncini said. "It may be possible for the bike to join the grid once the MotoGP paddock returns for the European stage of the championship. But they will know when they are ready. When the time comes, we will give them a call and take another look at the bike, and then we could allow them onto the grid."

FB Corse's rejection underlines the difficulties newcomers to the grid face. The bike really needs as much testing as it can get, but any testing at Grand Prix tracks violates the FIM regulations on testing, jeopardizing the team's chances of being allowed to race. Exceptions could naturally be made, but the risks involved are extremely high, as without a cast-iron guarantee that McCoy and FB Corse will be allowed to race despite the extra testing, a team on a limited budget simply cannot afford to risk being excluded after spending the money on testing.

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Sad to see another team not making it to the grid, I know Dorna will have their concerns regarding the safety of those riders on the grid already, but I question their will to widen up access to this most exclusive of a motorcycle gentleman's club. For a whole host of reasons, IMHO this team may represent one of the last chances for this MotoGP circus before it becomes completely anachronistic. The debacle that are the evolving rule changes goes only further to force me to question 'when' not 'if' this series will collapse. People may disagree of course :)

It's a shame, but there are plenty of positives to take home for FB..
It appears that they are not written off by Uncini..their effort is noted but not quite up to scratch at this stage, which means they weren't quick enough..

..were they hoping without a proven product a Dorna handout would be forthcoming..to boost grid numbers.?

Miles on the bike, not neccessarily at GP tracks, is what's needed..
who's gonna pay for it now..?

FB Corse and Garry McCoy seem to have a slightly different take?

from superbikeplanet: http://superbikeplanet.com/2010/Mar/100317fbcorse.htm

FB Corse To Miss Fly-Aways, Start MotoGP Season In Europe
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This just in:


Dorna confirms FB Corse entry in the MotoGP World Championship.

Valencia, 17th march 2010

Today, Franco Uncini and Oscar Gallardo have given their approval to FB Corse after a full day test in Valencia track.

After being confirmed as the new entry, the team FB Corse and Garry McCoy have decided to continue developing the FB01 and start the championship in the Jerez round.

McCoy has done a three days test with a very positive result. The FB01 has been running with no electronics for the Australian to feel the bike.

Garry McCoy: " What we achieved today for me was remarkable because from where we started from the first day to achieve so many laps today, I really did not expect that at all. I was really wanting to go to Qatar and Japan but I think that our decision is very wise as we have to concentrate on the development of the bike in order to improve and be competitive from the first race."

Sergio Bertocchi: "I am really happy about all the compliments we have received from Dorna and Franco Uncini. I was not really expecting to be at that level. I am very satisfied that they allow us to enter the championship when we want and we will do the necessary development in order to enter with the best conditions."

Andrea Ferrari: "I am very satisfied about the results of today. The team has done a great job and they have been working very hard to achieve our main goal. Right now is very important to continue developing the bike."

Franco Antoniazzi (Oral Engineering): " We have done an extraordinary job today. There is an absolute symbiosis between Garry, the team and the bike that allow us to work in the best conditions. Garry has everything needed to go further with this project."

Tomorrow the FB Corse team will continue testing in the Valencia circuit.

and Garry McCoy's facebook fan page:

Garry McCoy #24
WE HAVE PASSED THE TEST!!!! WE'RE IN!!! I am very happy about today. The bike has a lot of potential and the team is working very hard. We have decided to start the championship in Jerez so we can test and continue working the way we are doing. Thank you all for your support!! Tomorrow I will have another day test and I will let you know how things are going... GAZ : )

so... is that a yea? or nay? :/

anyone know what laptimes if any were released?

You can have 312 people experience the exact same event, and come out having wildly differing perspectives on that event (I was gonna say 312 different perspectives, but, let's face it, people, on the whole, relatively speaking of course, are just nowhere near quite that "creative," so, realistically, may be, say, 2 or 3 differing perspectives), and, clearly, in this case, there are at least 2.

FB Corse has one view - "passed with flying colors, and, to boot, we get to choose when we enter the GP" - whereas Uncini has another (more realistic, I'd say) take. And who gets the scoop on "the more realistic" Uncini view? Well, of course, D. E.

I, like most GP fans, I suspect, would like to see as many different (competitive) manufacturers and teams on the grid as possible. But, it was obvious to anyone at least somewhat loosely following FB "developments" (if you can call a pebble's movement through thick maple syrup as "developments") that these guys just need more time, a little more time, and perhaps just a bit more time (and, of course, money would be useful as well).

This report provides a realistic view of the current circumstance concerning FB's involvement in Moto GP.

I quite like this Uncini fellow, from what I've been reading of what he has been reported as having said. He seems like an eminently reasonable chap.

No credit goes to me, it goes to GPOne.com, who are close to Uncini. They researched the story, I just spotted it and made it available to English speakers.