FB Corse Admit They're Not Yet On The Official Entry List

After the jubilant tone in yesterday's press release from FB Corse, today the team have been forced to issue a retraction. The team had run a timed test at Valencia in front of Franco Uncini as Dorna representative, to demonstrate that they deserved to be on the MotoGP grid and that the team was capable of being competitive if they were allowed to enter. As reported here and at GPOne.com, Uncini was impressed by the FB01 machine, but felt it was still some way from being ready to race. With some more testing, Uncini said, they could possibly join the grid when MotoGP returned to Europe.

The team, however got a little ahead of itself. They immediately issued a press release stating they were to be admitted to the grid from Jerez, the third round of the series, and expressing their determination to compete at the highest level.

Today, they were forced to issue a press release softening that statement, admitting that they had not officially been offered a grid slot, but would have to prove to Franco Uncini and Dorna that they had made sufficient progress to be permitted to join the grid. The bar they have to reach is a race simulation, to demonstrate that the bike can hold together and run consistently at race pace.

Below is the text of the new press release from the FB Corse team:

The FB Corse Team, would like to clarify, after talking to Dorna delegates, that the team FB Corse is not yet inside the MotoGP entry list following the decision, made by the team together with Franco Uncini and Oscar Gallardo, of continue developing the FB01 until Jerez MotoGP race, in order to be more competitive in the World Championship.

The Team FB Corse has had clearance to test at any time, before Jerez race. Due to the lack of time before Qatar and Japan race, the FB Corse will have to show a race simulation to Dorna before the first  European round, that is the FB Corse main goal.

Franco Uncini and Dorna’s delegate Oscar Gallardo, are very pleased to see the work done by the FB Corse.

The FB Corse Team, would  like to thank you Dorna and Franco Uncini, for the chance given to the team to be part of the MotoGP World.

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