Video: From Streetbike To Supersport, The Motocard Kawasaki

Ask most motorcycle racing fans to name a World Supersport team, and the names you are most likely to hear are the Ten Kate Honda team of Ronald and Gerrit ten Kate and Simon Buckmaster's Parkalgar Honda team. But Kenan Sofuoglu and Eugene Laverty have got had their hands full over the past season holding off the Spanish Motocard Kawasaki rider Joan Lascorz, and this year Lascorz looks even stronger than ever.

To highlight this fact, Kawasaki released a promotional video presenting Lascorz and his team, Team Kawasaki Provec, to give them their full title. Though the video contains little information, it does show the process that goes into preparing a race-winning World Supersport machine. It remains a fascinating insight to just how close these machines are to standard production road bikes, that you can walk  in off the street and buy, if you are so inclined.

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After watching that video you can see how far away that bike is then the one you buy. looks trick to me...

I'm sure a lot of other things they do were intentionally excluded from the video! Great footage, I really enjoyed it. Looks like Kawasaki took a tip from Yamaha's excellent promo videos.