The Helmets Of MotoGP - On

Another season of MotoGP approaches, and as every year, the fans (and far too many journalists) will spend the first race struggling to pick out which rider is which, after the traditional off-season merry-go-round and livery change. The wise heads over at Spanish motorcycle magazine have anticipated this problem, and thoughtfully snagged all of the riders at the last Qatar MotoGP test and got them to hand over their helmets for a quick snapshot. The result is an overview of the helmets of all 17 MotoGP riders, as they are going to be used in MotoGP for 2010. The one exception ('t was ever thus) is Valentino Rossi, who as always is using his "Old Chicken" helmet throughout testing, but is likely to return to a more traditional design once the flag drops.

Nicky Hayden's 2010 helmet. For the rest of the helmets, head over to and see all 17.

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A pretty poor bunch, if you ask me. Zero new ideas and the dead hand of corporate sponsorship rules (how many times do we need to see the Red Bull logo?) Rossi's old chicken design is head and shoulders above the rest, with only Loris Capirossi's design showing any inventiveness out of the remainder of the field. Most of the designs are way too cluttered and busy.

but, excepting corporate logos (though I might guess if the riders didn't need sponsor money, they wouldn't have corporate logos on their helmets either...), I've always liked Simoncelli's helmet design. May not be considered the most inventive, but it just works, and it stands out. His helmet is pretty much always the one that sticks out the most.

... Lorenzo's NASA Space Helmet last year was the nicest I'd seen in a long time. Graphically simple, poignant, and oh so cool.