Iceland To Get MotoGP Round From 2012

When the cancellation of the Hungary round was finally officially confirmed, and the race scheduled for the Balatonring was awarded to the spectacular Motorland Aragon circuit, Dorna faced a barrage of criticism that the race had gone to another circuit in Spain. The Iberian nation is undoubtedly the beating heart of MotoGP, but to have four of the eighteen races there was far too much of a good thing, it was felt.

Dorna has taken this criticism to heart, it seems, as a brand new nation is to be added to MotoGP's international character. Today, speaking exclusively to, Dorna's head of Scandinavian Racing Promotion Pablo Inocente confirmed that a round is to be added to the calendar in Iceland, as part of an offensive to promote the sport in Europe's northern reaches. The race is to take part at a brand new track, to be built at Grímsvötn, east of the capital Reykjavik.

Iceland was selected to host a MotoGP race because of the nation's love affair with the combustion engine. Icelanders are notorious petrolheads, though much of their racing has so far been done in the country's vast volcanic hinterland, and been cross country and off road. The decision to build a permanent circuit was part of an effort to wean the local populace off the dirt and confine the environmental damage to a single location, Iceland's Minister For Sport and Tourism, Loki Fárbautison explained. For Dorna, the location of the circuit - spanning the Transatlantic Continental Rift where Europe and America are drifting away from each other - was both symbolic and practical. "We now have a race taking part not in one, but in two continents simultaneously," Dorna's Inocente proudly affirmed.

The race is to be special in more than just one way, however. For the Icelandic GP is to become just the second night race on the calendar, joining Qatar as a floodlit spectacular. The race - scheduled to take place on June 24th - will be run under the lights at 10pm local time. Iceland intends to use the night race as a showcase for its potential as an energy powerhouse, using geothermal power extracted from Iceland's volcanoes to light up the night sky as a demonstration of its untapped reserves.

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As most people have already guessed, this story was an April Fool's prank. We hope nobody went ahead and started booking flights ...

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is the perfect place for a new circuit, isn't it? And to run the race at night in the middle of summer? Brilliant thinking. Those Icelanders sure have a grip on reality, don't they, no Qatar nonsense about 'oooh, it's too hot during the day' and I'll bet the riders aren't going to be whingeing about wanting to start the race earlier either.
I can hardly wait - altho' what happened to the rule about a new circuit requiring a few test races first?

Good one, David!


Haha nice one. :D My favourite today has been a story on The Register about the Large Hadron Collider causing an extra dimensional portal and subsequent invasion from the 5th dimension. But this is a close second.

I'd actually go to see a night race in Iceland. Such an incredible country and you could fit a Golden Circle tour into the weekend. On June 24th you wouldn't need lights though.

Awesome, a night race during daylight! It will be great to see Stoner's replacement Larry Pegram on the Ducati winning it. (As reported by

this HAS to be bogus - living in the prairies of canada, i know first hand that freeze ups cause massive frost hives from the water that gets into the cracks of asphalt, freezes in winter & then cracks up & makes brutal bumps all over the track surface - our local so-called 'track' being a case in point (race city, calgary, alberta).

there is NO way dorna could be so ill-informed nor retarded!

not to mention that her highness, lady rossi, would NEVER race on that kind of surface!

tsk! tsk! news media - i call B/S! :)

Now that is forward thinking!

If we can somehow include a shark tank the TV ratings will be through the roof.

Z1 racer says you guys picked the wrong date for the proposed prank as Assen will never forfeit their last weekend of June schedule !

Assen is always the last Saturday in June. In 2012, that's Saturday, June 30th...

I thought Tiueliflaan "Bob" Bjobjarkaeliekenyiebjartyik was Iceland's current Minister for Sport and Tourism. Isn't Loki Fárbautison now the Minister of Deciduous Rainforest Deforestation Promotion and All Things Slightly Beige? I do believe Fárbautison was demoted last August following The Great Fyoiibjaarnyen Scandal of Eight Test Tubes and the Ostrich Egg of '09. I remember this because I think I remember thinking at the time, "There's nothing beige in Iceland!"

Or may be I'm thinking of Ljoornivjuuk Ljunkyijjuelopp...

that would have been so cool. I was ready to order tickets to the Isle of Man and then up to Reykjavik!

Exclusive: Pegram To Replace Stoner On Ducati MotoGP Team
by staff
Thursday, April 01, 2010

In a bombshell move, Ducati is set to suddenly replace former world champion Casey Stoner on the factory MotoGP team with American Larry Pegram mere weeks before the start of the MotoGP season.

Ducati team manager Vito Guareschi briefly commented today, April 1.

"After speaking with Larry it's clear that we have overlooked one of the best riders in the world. We certainly thank Casey for his time with Ducati, race wins and MotoGP championship but after speaking with Larry, we knew we needed to make a change."

Pegram was unapologetic that he'd put Stoner off the team.

"Yeah, so what took them so long huh? Casey's a good rider but I mean what's he weigh, like eighty pounds? I mean come on, this ain't horse racin', it's motorcycle racin'. Plus, think about how much I can help Nicky out, you know, in development and showin' him the lines and stuff. Face it, they need me."


hahaha - appears superbike planet might have got TOLD OFF (it would have p***ed ME off if i was larry pegram) - as the "larry pegram to replace casey stoner" news item has mysteriously vanished without so much as a whimper! 'tards! :)

Iceland is like a halfway house between Europe and North America. They can just land the transporters and put on a race while they enjoy the geothermal therapeutic spas.

...that you could come up with something that was actually sillier, on examination, than anything Dorna (probably, though not proven yet) could have promulgated quite seriously. There is no end to this man's talents...

In a serious mode, check out the Arctic Circle Raceway ;

It is used for bikes, the layout looks very flowing, great for overtaking opportunities, as opposed to those fucking Herman Tilke designed go-kart tracks.

It would be interesting if one of the Norwegian members could comment on it's condition, it was said to have been designed to F1 specs.It would be nice to have a GP in Scandanavia again, since the demise of Imatra.