Get Your Virtual Bets In For The MotoGP Prediction Contest!

Every year, as the MotoGP season commences, a veritable jungle of MotoGP Fantasy Leagues springs up around the internet, give fans the chance to test their skills in running a MotoGP team against like-minded individuals. Although we're big fans of those kinds of games, wouldn't be if we didn't do things just a little bit differently. 

Last year, Jerry Osborne, who goes under the screen name RatsMC and is one of the driving forces behind's own forum, put together a fascinating prediction contest allowing fans to go much further, and bet on specific incidents happening in each race. It was such a hit that Jerry even built a whole website around it and around the statistics he has collected on the series, the outstanding

This year, the prediction contest is back, and it's bigger and better than ever. And so we're opening it up to the readers of the website, as well as members of the forum, to allow more people to join the fun. The prizes are simple: a sense of self-satisfaction of guessing better than others, but frankly, there are few rewards which feel much better. So here's Jerry to explain the game, and how to participate:

MotoGP fans can be counted on to make predictions… continually.  Some rely on well thought out analysis of rider and team abilities, some on sheets of data, and others just pull them out of the air with the help of their favorite rider's horoscope.  Almost as often as these predictions are made, they are soon forgotten (at least, those making them would like them to be forgotten, while hastening to remind you of those they fondly remember). 

Members of the MotoMatters Forum produce interesting, and sometimes controversial, predictions before each race.  So, a mechanism was developed for the prognosticators to put their (purely virtual) money where their (cyber) mouths are, and the MotoMatters Race Prediction Contest was born.  Now there is a way for race predictions to be given value (provided you can convince others to disagree with you) and have them live on in posterity…  or infamy, while aspiring to have your braggadocio validated.

The mechanics are reasonably simple:  players can make predictions in the Prediction Contest Topic on the Forum.  Every participant is given 100 points to "bet" for or against any predictions.  Following the race, the outcomes are determined and players are awarded points for correctly betting, at the "expense" of those who bet incorrectly.  These points are totaled up throughout the season and prizes are awarded at interim spots during the season for the highest scoring players, along with a Grand Prize for the season's highest point earner.

With a new season in the offing, now is the time to get in at the beginning and start amassing points.  Become a member of the Forum.  Ponder all your favorite influences for predicting race-weekend events; nothing is too trivial or too grand, as long as you can draw in dissent.  Then post a prediction on the appropriate thread for the ensuing race, declare a point value for it, and wait for others to join or oppose you, while doing the same for others' similar ventures into clairvoyance.

It is great fun, and since this is purely gentlemen's (and gentleladies') betting, you won't run afoul of any law enforcement agency.  Nor will you lose your ride, your house, or your shirt…  only your credibility.   Everyone is welcome to join in.  Make your own wild predictions and bet against the predictions others have made.  Join in the discussion and defend your bets.  Then, during each race weekend, find yourself rooting for things you'd never considered before.

If you'd like to participate, head on over to the forum and sign up. Right now, the forum requires a separate login, so even if you have signed up as a member to the main site (i.e. the one you're reading this on) you'll have to register as a member on the forum, if you haven't done so already. So get your crystal ball out, start examining the tea leaves and head on over to the forum to make your predictions!

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