To Show Full Race Videos On Page Without Spoilers

The official website is both a goldmine of information and the bane of many MotoGP fans' lives. The video section features literally thousands of fascinating video interviews, clips and of course, the live video feed of each race. True, the content is only available to paying subscribers, but the value offered for the €99.95 (or €79.95 for standard quality) is actually rather good.

The one gripe that everyone had about the site and video subscription was that if you missed the live race - not uncommon for US or Australian subscribers, for example - and went to website to watch the recorded race, it was impossible to do so without running across spoilers, telling you the outcome of the race before you had a chance to view it. received a barrage of complaints about this problem, and have finally come up with a solution: A no-spoilers page.

So if you want to view the full race, without first having to navigate your way through the website, desperately trying to avoid finding out the results before you've even seen it, simply bookmark and hit that bookmark to watch the video. Problem solved, and's email inbox will be a good deal less cluttered this year.

One personal tip: I have found that I've been forced to log on to the website when viewing videos, despite my username appearing as if I was already logged in. If you are forced to log in again to watch the video, then it may prove a good deal more difficult to avoid the spoilers. In that case, if you log in to the site the day before the race, and click on the Edit your account link (which appears on the top right hand side of the page), you could be forced to log in if your cookie has expired. This will then keep you logged in when you visit the No Spoilers link, and allow you to watch the race with your hopes and expectations unsullied.

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Are the races still streaming only or can you finally download them?

As I understand it, they're streaming only. However, some software tools will allow you to record a streamed race, so you may be able to record them, then rip that to a DVD and watch it on a TV. Or hook up your computer to a TV and watch it that way.

just to let you know you can watch any race after it has been broadcasted, but even though they said you can watch an hd feed once anytime after a race, i was unable to do so anytime last year, and motogp has gotten a little smarter and it's quite hard to record their streams now as it's all flash, rather than asf a few years back.
i've been a subscriber with since '06 and haven't looked back since. i'll use them for all the free practices i can and qualifying only if i can catch them live, as even paltry 500kbs quality is worth watching a session live. if i can't watch any of those sessions live i will download a eurosport version of the practices and then a bbc version of qualifying as they come in pdtv, same goes for the races (if eurosport has the hd feed, which I'm sure they will, i'll be watching the es feed instead this year).

I am in America and have never tried to use this feature of motogp,com. Is it worth the money and will they accept an American credit card to pay for it?

I've been a long time customer of and it is 100% worth it. All the races are 100% commercial free - it's worth it just for that alone. They will take your American credit card in a heartbeat, trust me ;-). The bill will be in Euros and your credit card company will make the conversion.

El Jefe - Editor of and Dave's biggest fan

I've been a subscriber since about 2005 (I'm in UK). Full live coverage of all the classes, recorded races going back several years, lots of interviews and a great commentary team make it well worth it. Plus it's cheaper than getting a satellite sports channel just to watch bikes. I wish WSB had the same service.

Due to money woes had to drop my MotoGP sub last year and watch the BBC. Ugh! At one race they cut off the 250s MID RACE in order to show showjumping! Thankfully I've resubscribed for the full high res package this year so I don't have to put up with a vaccuous bint flirting with Vale / Colin / JB / anything in trousers, commentators who call Lorenzo George and talk about eating each other's lunch more than they do the action, etc. Good-bye BBC coverage you won't be missed!

I am American and dont have cable access here in WI, so this yr I subscribed and would have paid double. I run a HTPC right to the 55in HDTV and the quality is amazingly good. Only complaint, they dont show past years of the 250's anymore.

I saw the no spoiler link years ago on a forum somewhere and could not find it. I would minimize the window of the browser I use and then logon. Only allowing enough of the page to be seen to logon and select videos. Goodbye to that!

Been subscribing to since it was years and years ago. Have not missed a year. Wish would do the same instead of blocking users in the USA because of their agreement with speed. If they would change their agreement and do more like then we here in the US could watch qualifying live as wells as interviews and tests. All the stuff that is NOT shown on any TV station here..

Keep all the goodies coming. I for one, will keep eating it up.

I was an admin... actually I guess I was the admin for the forums back then, contracted to quokka. Weird times, as there was a lot of acrimony towards the company for their "monopolistic" attitude.

Seems like forever ago, but in reality it wasn't...


Then I proceeded to watch the 2003 LeMans race in high(er) res. Worth the extra 20.00 for the season between the high and standard resolution. I have just gone for the standard in the past 6 seasons but now the price differential seems to make it worth while. I like Nick Harris and Gavin Emmett. Now the 125 races will be in high res too.

I feel like I should actually spend some hard earned cash on these people for a change. A backdoor entrance to the videos page has been lacking for a very long time. It seemed like no matter how you went to the video section, one of the banners or frames would ruin the race if you couldn't catch it live.

Big (but inconspicuous) step in the right direction for

If they would just archive all sessions for at least MotoGP and Moto2 so they could be watched on demand, I would pay quite happily.

Another American here, and compared to what is broadcast on American television, the MotoGP feed is a gift from god (it's the difference between a stale cracker and an eight course meal).