Scott Jones Shoots The 2010 MotoGP Bikes

Loris Capirossi's Rizla Suzuki

Randy de Puniet's Honda RC212V, brought to you by Givi

Dani Pedrosa's Repsol Honda

Casey Stoner's Marlboro Ducati. The paint is stunning under the lights, far better than pictures can do justice.

Mika Kallio's Pramac Ducati. Despite the criticism the paint job has received, it is far more handsome in the flesh

Unlike the Pramacs, Hector Barbera's Yellow Pages sponsored bike really is as garish as it looks

A Texan's Monster Tech 3 Yamaha. Don't mess with it

Marco Melandri's San Carlo Gresini Honda

This bike was brought to you by Fiat. The championship it won last year was brought to you by Valentino Rossi and Yamaha

The teams' bikes.

And again


The tail section of the Ducati - awkwardly angular a couple of years ago - is flowing and much sexier this year

Time to get down to business

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I don't know what it is about the angles and the color but that bike looks great standing still. I think the Barbera's bike is the best looking Ducati. Something different and cool about it. I've got nothing against the yellow. The LCR is the best Honda. Very hot. But when I look at the Fiat bike, all I think of is, "Well, we'll be seeing a lot of that."

Wow, if the swingarms on the Ducatis get any bigger, they'll be able to do away with the seat entirely. Still, useful for carrying small parcels, pets, lucky mascots, maybe a slide out DVD screen. that where the reserve petrol tank is held?

I may be in the minority on this one but I like the Pramacs. I think its a good color combo and you will never get them mixed up with another bike. I don't say that sarcastically either.
Really excited for this season to start.

The LCR one floats my boat. Most are getting kinda old, like repsol and rizla (sorry troy).

What's up with pedrosa's seat? I wonder if he gets up on that bevelled bit at all.

What i find interesting is the swing arms. The black magic of finding 'suspension' travel while leaned over. The ducati is putting lots of 'material' up high while everyone else seems to be bringing it back down. The yamaha looks like it goes down low and then back up to the pivot.

Actually, what i find interesting is the racing. This is nuts waiting for race one.

The Suzuki is by far the most beautiful machine on the grid. Very Massimo Tamburini in its proportions and lines. Hopefully it is more potent too.

The Monster Tech 3 Yamaha looks far better than the Fiat, and all the rest I might add. It looks the meanest and coolest. Beats the hell out of the blue and yellow they first came out with a couple of years ago!

Suzuki looks the best it has since baby blue came on board. But I was still hoping for a new sponsor or radical change this year. Tail section is the biggest of all the makes, maybe they decided the GP bike needed a glove compartment.

Pramac colors reminds me of the Ten Kate WSBK bikes.

Ducati tail piece looks great, nice rounded look, as all "tail" pieces should look.

It's interesting that Barbara's Ducati has a different swingarm, but the Pramac looks to have the same as the factory team.

Repsol really could use a make over but then again it has been tradition for a very long time.

My final pick, the Tex 3 bike. The yellow and black attack with green monster highlights looks perfect on the Yamaha.

So when does racing start again? :)

Lots of interesting comments above, thanks everyone.

Just wanted to add a note on the Rizla bike: in person it is a noticeably different shade of blue from last year (and the previous several years). The blue is now darker and metallic, looks fantastic. Unfortunately, the conversion to jpg doesn't really show it despite several minutes of trying to tweak the color to look closer to the real thing.

Another thing I noticed is that many of the exhaust pipes have undergone some profound changes. I watched the tech inspection of the Tech 3 bike as the officials monitored the audio level of the bike at idle. They never revved it up that I saw, which made me curious why they test the idle sound. Perhaps Comrade Kropotkin can comment on that. But I'm very curious to find out how loud those new pipes are--can't wait to hear the bikes fire up tonight!

Maybe thats a spare bike for the Pramac bike, being build of spares out of the Ducati truck.
or there still testing between swingarms or have not built enought of them yet.
And i like the Yellow but Would surprise every one if it was the fastest bike in Qualifing and won the race. even more of a surpise if the Suzuki came in one; two on the podium. ha ha

I think the visual problem comes from the strange comparative proportions of shrinking gas tank sizes vs. increasingly bulbous rear ends. You dont notice this when the riders are onboard, but on bike stills like these it looks weird. The Yamaha is the only bike that doesnt have any underseat tail pipes, so the rear end is quite stylized.

Still, I don't think any are as good looking as last year's Hyate or the first 800cc MOtoGP, the chiselled IlmorX3.

Also look at the NSRsa and YZRs in Rothmans and Marlboro livery from the early 90's, I still think those werebetter looking bikes.

My opinion:
The blue of the Suzuki looks so much better than the hideous light blue the used in the past. The Ducs have improved a lot. The proportions of the Hondas look weird as they have the past few years. The Yamahas look great, if maybe a little conventional.

Thanks for the excellent photos Scott. You have a great eye for bringing those rich GP racing colors into our homes and offices. I hope you have a good year shooting at the races.