OnTheThrottle Video Interview With Ben Spies - Post Qatar

Roger Lee Hayden was not the only guest on the OnTheThrottle.TV live video show after this weekend's racing. Monster Yamaha's Ben Spies also came on the show, to talk about his first race as a fully paid-up member of the MotoGP paddock. Here's what Spies had to say about how qualifying and racing went:

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Brilliant interview..

Spies' comments about the difference in corner speed and tyres, and what's needed to get it done in GP next to SBK, I found very illuminating..

Great first weekends work from Ben and his crew, the new tracks should hold no fear for them.

What a fantastic interview. I learned more about the nuances of MotoGP racing in that 20 minutes than in all my prior years of watching MotoGP put together.

At first glance Spies is so low key you expect him to be boring, but listen to him talking about racing and you soon see he's a true intellectual, very analytical, very self deprecating, but so obviously filled with the hunger to win.

I'm REALLY going to enjoy watching his career in MotoGP. I expect he's going to very quietly and very humbly kick a few asses in the coming seasons.

Only a few years ago id be walking through the paddock at California Speedway, the infield of which would be used for a round of the U.S AMA Superbike Championship.... and you would be walking about a foot away from Ben Spies eating a bowl of oatmeal between races, happy to say hello to passers by...and even have a little conversation next to the suzuki tent. In a country where you can get millions for hitting a little ball with a stick and running around a dirt diamond and then sitting around for 3 hours - motorcycle riders arent that well known in the country...So you can expect that this may go some way to grounding the egos, building the humility and removing the possibility of feelings of entitlement to grow....They dont see themselves as knights in shining armor - removed from the rest of society....that would be a european anachronism......the new world (usa, australia and others) reward hards work from humble beginnings.

yeah Spies is soft spoken, humble and intelligent....duh!