Live Timing Apps For WSBK And MotoGP Hit iPhones

As the digital world continues its relentless drift into the world of the mobile device, both MotoGP and World Superbikes series are starting to catch up. Last week the World Superbike series announced the availability of its WSBK iPhone app in the iTunes store, and this week, MotoGP has followed suit, with its own live timing app for iPhone and iTouch.

The focus of the MotoGP app is live timing during practice, qualifying and the races for all three classes. The app displays a number of different views on timing data, from a traditional list to GPS-based track position during the races. The app even provides live commentary with the timing data. When the bikes are not out on track, the app provides an entry point into's mobile website, featuring news and photo galleries. Probably the best feature, though, is the ability to download live timing and commentary, and replay it at a later date, allowing users to follow the races from a different perspective when rewatching races, or simply use the live timing when the races are shown tape-delayed. Previously, fans were forced to decide between following the live timing on when the race was on, or waiting until their local channel broadcast the race, but missing out on the finesses of live timing.

World Superbike's app - produced by InFront Motor Sports, the promoter of the series - is slightly broader in intent, and provides much of the same data on the World Superbike website, but in a more digestible form. The app also boasts live timing, and access to the news, rider data and racing calendar, as well as photos from the weekend's action. But the app will also provide access to videos, including interviews and race highlights, with Infront promising to have race highlights available shortly after the races have finished.

Given the popularity of the iPhone, both apps would be a wise investment for the wired up motorcycle racing fan. Whether the apps are worth the €14.99 (MotoGP) or $4.99 (WSBK) which the iTunes store is selling them for is a question which cannot answer. Unlike about 90% of the paddock and press room, we have yet to fall for the charms of what The Register calls the "Jesus Phone," remaining wary of the draconian restrictions placed on the phone's use by Apple. The availability of these apps may force us to reconsider our position. Especially given that the apps will also work with the iTouch.

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Comments needs to get with the program and either offer an online-live-race-viewing program ala, or allow races to be viewed after the fact for free like the 2009 season. This "deal" they made with the international cable companies is absolutely rubbish for us yanks. We have to contend with SpeedTV, who do not broadcast live, and have about 5min of commercials every 2 laps of the race (which they don't resume, you just miss a lap & a half generally for every commercial break). I could even accept WSBK's practices this year if speedtv even offered me a way to pay to watch on demand or online, but they're so devoted to nascar that it's impossible to have any quality viewing of the races. (Sorry, I know I ranted about this before in the forums but it really grinds my gears)

... although the only Android App I can find that related to racing news is SBK news. has anyone else got something better?

Heck yea, any one know of a bb app? one that works. gp or sbk? It would make it easier for me to screw around at work.

I have been waiting for a while for a good android phone from AT&T but have discovered that the kind of apps I want on not available. I do not like the control Apple has and use Linux(Ubuntu) more often than any OS, so my heart really wants Android to dominate. With that said, I will be getting an iPhone this June. Hopefully the 3GS will drop in price with the release of the iPhone 4G. The primary reason for this is because they (apple) has the apps I'm interested in. There is even a BSB timing app available! The MotoGP app is simply amazing and the WSBK is nice and non-existent on the android system. The second reason is that AT&T has no good android devices to offer. (Hint to dev's make the stuff for the Droids and I'd buy :)

As to the SpeedTV/ US coverage - yeah it sucks. The first rule of R-U is that we don't talk about R-U.