Rossi Crashes During Training Without Injury

Staying in shape for MotoGP riders remains a tricky business. The only way to maintain their level of bike control is to ride motorcycles at speed, but with that comes the risk of a crash and possible injury.

The latest victim of the curse of motocross training was Valentino Rossi. Rossi crashed heavily on Thursday, training near Pesaro in Italy. The Italian was taken to hospital to have his shoulder checked out, but despite suffering some pain, Rossi escaped without injury. The Doctor is expected to race in Japan, and the injury should not affect his ability to race.

Rossi's crash was the second stroke of motocross mishap for the Fiat Yamaha Team, Jorge Lorenzo breaking a bone in his hand in February this year. That crash meant Lorenzo missed out on valuable testing time at Sepang, and had a serious impact on Lorenzo's pre-season preparation. The lack of injury to Valentino Rossi led the Italian website to question quite legitimately whether his crash qualifies as news at all. But as points out, Rossi is the biggest star in the sport, and if anything happens to the Italian, it automatically qualifies as news.

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With the number of motocross injuries from "training", I bet there's going to be a crackdown on this sort of thing during and right before the season.

Doesn't the risk of injury outweigh any benefit the riders may get from training on a motocross bike?

It's a very fine balance, but I think that the rewards from riding, concentrating on throttle control and being comfortable with a sliding bike, far outweigh the (relatively small) risk of missing a race. It's always going to be a tough call though.

Far better to have them fit and healthy for a round of motor GP where they can be thrown over the top of their 230HP machines at great speed and do themselves some proper damage not to mention trashing their multi million dollar machines. Or.... they could continue to be allowed to practice on the dirt and have their throttle control / reaction time honed to save that potentially nasty MotoGP highside. Ridiculous argument to have.