FIM Officially Announces Postponement Of Motegi MotoGP Race - Finally

While news of the cancellation of next week's MotoGP race at Motegi has been seeping out to news outlets from teams, riders and officials inside MotoGP's organizing bodies, the official status of the race was that it was not canceled until the FIM (the sanctioning body for MotoGP) had spoken. Unfortunately, however, the discussions and decision-making all took place over the weekend, a period during which the FIM's offices in Switzerland are closed. Now that the weekend is over, the long-awaited official confirmation is here: The FIM has finally issued a statement announcing that the Motegi MotoGP race has been postponed until October 3rd, 2010. Here is the FIM statement:

FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix

Postponement of the Grand Prix of Japan

The recent vulcano eruption in Iceland has resulted in an ash cloud cover infiltration. Air traffic space over Europe has stopped all international travel in and out of Europe.

This case of ‘force majeure’ has obliged the Grand Prix Permanent Bureau composed of the FIM President Vito Ippolito and Dorna C.E.O. Carmelo Ezpeleta, with the agreement of the Grand Prix Promoter, Mobilityland Corporation, to postpone the Grand Prix of Japan planned on 25 April 2010.

The Grand Prix Permanent Bureau proposed equally to the FIM to reschedule the Grand Prix of Japan on 3 October 2010.

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I believe they made the right decision.Yes,they could have reacted sooner to get Motegi on track this weekend,but they are race organizers,not clairvoyants.
A flight load of racer's crashed out from 9000 meters was never an option.
The up side of this is that the final run into the tital chase is just going to be that more intense.

That was one of their biggest worries, being able to ship everyone (and everything) back from Japan to race at Jerez. Currently (as of Monday evening), most of the airports in Spain are open, and so freight flights from Japan via the Middle East to Southern Spain should not be a problem. This was probably not their preferred route (there are much cheaper air freight terminals further north), but they need to be sure they'll get to Jerez.

..any form of insurance then or will the teams have to foot the bill themselves?