Video: Chris Vermeulen Talks About His Crash During Assen Superpole

PBM Kawasaki's Chris Vermeulen has released another chapter in his personal video reports from the racing. In Saturday's episode, Vermeulen talks about how his leg is healing, how Superpole went and what happened during his very nasty looking crash.

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I was once led to believe that since the mis-handling of Doohan's accident none of the riders were treated in Holland anymore and a helicopter was always on stand-by ready to usher riders to Italy or Britian.
It's probably an urban myth but could you confirm or dispell this 'legend' for me please Krop?

Chris was operated in Belgium, by a doctor who also does alot of medical stuff for motorcross champions. I heard they cleaned up his knee.

All the medical personal at Assen on friday, saterday and sunday were Dutch so I guess they treat the riders in Holland.

It also looks silly to me to fly the crashed rider to britain or italy because it would take a pretty long time to get there...