Photos From Yamaha's Japanese Headquarters

I was lucky in more ways than one that the Fiat On The Web team invited me to go to Qatar. Attending the race - something that our budget would not otherwise have allowed - was of course a great experience, but the timing of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano meant that I got home before the ash cloud stopped people flying. Other members of the team were slightly less lucky: they had already flown out to Japan, ready for the Motegi MotoGP race, only to find themselves stranded there with no race to attend. Fortunately, they made themselves useful by sending back some photos from Yamaha's Japanese headquarters, and a snapshot of the history of the company:

Fiat Yamaha MotoGP bikes at Yamaha's HQ
Some of the bikes that Valentino Rossi used to secure his championships

Kenny Roberts and Eddie Lawson's Yamaha YZ500s
Rossi's bikes have plenty of heritage. Kenny Roberts and Eddie Lawson preceded him, on Yamaha's YZ500 bikes.

Yamaha's endurance racing bikes
Yamaha also has a long history in Endurance Racing. Here are the first of the Tech 21 FZR 750s, raced at Suzuka.

Yamaha YA-1
You've come a long way, baby. The first ever Yamaha, a YA-1 two-stroke 125cc bike

What made Yamaha great: Commuter scooters.

Where Yamaha came from: from a man who fixed organs.

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I honestly find the FIAT Yamaha livery the most uninspiring and bland of the field. It is not worth the money. They should just paint it dark blue like the Gaulois bikes used to be and have YAMAHA written all over it.

Great pictures.

Does anyone know if there's still a way of getting at fast lap rider data from the MotoGP website (as well the laps by riders data)? I've gone through everything that I can think of, but can't seem to get them. (For the Qatar 2010 race)


If you go to the results page and then click on Race, then you'll see a box appear with links to the different PDFs. It's a bit of javascript magic which hides the stuff normally.

if you mean the box to the right of the page, none of those PDFs correspond to fastest race lap or race laps per rider. I even had done searches in the Statistics box below the listed PDFs, but still was unsuccessful.

Obviously, prior to this revised layout for Results & Statistics, there were PDFs available for lap data, but, since the revision, they either are not available or are too cleverly hidden.

Have you (or anyone) actually been successful in getting the PDFs for race lap data?

Again, TIA.

When you click on the race circuit, then class, THEN click on the word RACE again (it will be highlighted before being clicked but you have to actually click it again) then a new list of the detailed statistics right below the three boxes will appear that allow selection. When you click on one of them the pdf will open. When you click 'back' to go back to the selection page, you'll need to click RACE again, even though it's still highlighted, to make the list reappear. It's just the highlighting that's misleading, suggesting it's already selected by default. But it's not. I think it's fantastic that they give so much information.

The YA-1 may not be 100% original, but it's got about as much in common, beyond the color, with that JAWA as any other motorcycle with two wheels, one cylinder and a saddle seat. Frame construction, front suspension, rear suspension, gas tank and transmission all drastically dissimilar. Not quite the clone of a DKW as the Harley Hummer, but similar save the hardtail.