Sunday Post Race Debrief: Jorge Lorenzo

After Sunday's thrilling MotoGP race at Jerez, here's what Jorge Lorenzo had to tell the press:

"That was the most beautiful race of my life! As at a lot of races I got a bad start, I struggled so much in the beginning, I thought this race wasn't for me. But in the middle of the race, I started to lap at 1'40.0, 1'39.9 and I started to catch Vale, and I thought, now I have to catch Vale. I studied him for a little bit and then passed him, and when I passed him I thought I don't care if I crash, I just want to win this race. And now I am the happiest man in this moment in this world."

Lorenzo was also asked what he thought when he caught up with Dani Pedrosa. "I just wanted to go for him. I tried in the last corner, "por fuera" [around the outside] but he took the place, and we almost crashed. He rode very brave, and I have to congratulate him, because I've never seen him fighting like today."

Lorenzo had started the race slowly, and took until after halfway through the race to move forward. "The biggest problem we have is the start, and the ten first laps. We are much slower then than in practice, and this is the biggest problem we have to solve. From the middle to the end we have a good pace, that we can recover some time. But this won't work for all the races."

Lorenzo also spoke about the celebration. Wilco Zeelenberg, Fiat Yamaha team manager explained that they had planned the celebration on Thursday, when they want around the track. "There are two tracks where there is water close to the track. One is Phillip Island, but the water there is so cold, and maybe there are sharks there!"

Zeelenberg said that he had told Lorenzo he wasn't sure about the celebration. "We had talked about it when we went round the track on Thursday, but when we went to have a look in the pool we saw a huge fish!" Zeelenberg could tell that Lorenzo had not expected to win. "Jorge thought he had lost the race, I could tell by the way he dived into the pool," he said. 


Zeelenberg also explained why Lorenzo was so much slower in the early part of the race. "The bike is a lot heavier at the start. Lorenzo has a different style and his weight balance is different than the other riders. His body position and his seating position is completely different. That means he is much slower at the start. "





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