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After helping motorcycle racing fans plan their year with the racing calendar, we are now adding an extra dimension to our race addict support program in providing something suitable to wear at races. For is proud to present the t-shirt: T-Shirt

The t-shirt features especially design artwork based on one of Scott Jones' fantastic photographs on the rear, with the logo on the front. The t-shirt comes in a choice of exactly one color (black), and has the front and rear artwork printed on using silkscreen. For a limited time only (until June 1st, 2010), the t-shirt will be available for just $19.95 plus shipping. Sizes are XL, L and M, though it may be possible to order other sizes, as long as you email us before May 24th with your requirements at We will only be producing a limited run of these t-shirts, so if you want one, you'll want to act early. Not only will you be showing your proud affiliation with the site featuring the most incisive and in-depth analysis of MotoGP and World Superbikes on the planet, you will also be contributing to make that coverage possible.

Place your orders below, or on the t-shirt ordering page:

US Orders

$19.95 plus $6 shipping


Orders for Canada & Mexico

$19.95 plus $12 shipping


Orders for the rest of the world

$19.95 plus $14 shipping

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I'm 5'10" and 190 lbs.
Is my shirt M or L?

Anyone requiring other sizes (S, XXL, etc) should send an email to, and we'll sort something out. This needs to be done as soon as possible, though, preferably by the end of the Le Mans MotoGP weekend. 

I'll definitely need to own one of these t-shirts, but I seem to have forgotten the root meaning behind your nom de plume. Plz kindly either remind us, or perhaps include the history of how the site came about along with the shirt.

I'm also looking forward to buying the stickers that must be in the works too, right?

There's a potted history of the site - including an explanation of where Kropotkin came from - on our About page.

Ordered mine ^_^ When will these be shipping? I am moving from Washington back to California mid June and would hate for someone in my soon to be old apartment wearing this around town!

A great looking shirt and I get to support the best motorcycle racing website (and a good friend) - who could ask for anything more!

I ordered mine already.

I hope your XL is not some weird European XL. A large size for you guys is what they sale in Baby Gap here. Oh well if it doesn't fit maybe my little sister will want it.

The t-shirts are being produced in California. Exactly what that means, I do not know, but I suspect the XL will be a little larger than in some European countries. 

There is no provision in the form to order quantities of different sizes. Ordered an M and an XL, all the way to Tasmania.
I hope a human is reading the notes in the Paypal payment forms :-)
Great shirts, will look forward to receiving them soon.

Don't worry, there are humans reading the orders. We'll make sure we make that one M and one XL for you. And we'll fix the ordering as well ...