Things To Do At Laguna Seca, Part I: Get Your Photo On A Fiat Yamaha

The Yamaha team have a long history of running special liveries several times a year, and 2010 is to be no exception. At Laguna Seca, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi are due to run a special paint scheme, to celebrate half a million Fiat 500s being produced. This will be no ordinary paintjob, though. The Fiat On The Web team have come up with an entertaining way for MotoGP fans to help create the livery.

By heading on over to the special M1 Laguna Seca Fiat Yamaha team website, you can upload a photo and have it placed on the bike.  You can choose whether you want your picture to appear on Valentino Rossi's bike or on Jorge Lorenzo's M1, but you will need to hurry. The website has only been online for a few minutes as this story is being posted, but already the spots on the fairings are disappearing fast. So if you ever fancied a ride on a Yamaha YZR-M1, this is probably the best chance you will ever get.

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I'm already curious to see how this will look in the final livery. When Team Roberts did that with names for their last race in Valencia 2007 it actually fit quite well with the livery, but that was only white text. I imagine with differently coloured photos, it might look a little patchy here. Can't wait to see how they make that work. :)

Thanks for the heads up. There were only 50 spots left on Jorge's bike, but whenever I try submitting a picture it says communication error, try again later. I've tried ten times, there are only 30 spots left.....

I'm told my spot is reserved on Jorge's bike, it's still under moderation. I will be at Laguna Seca so it'd be hilarious to see myself whizzing by for 3 days.
Thanks for the heads up!

Also got a spot on Jorges bike.
However, it said something about me having to confirm my submission within 24 hours. Should I have received an e-mail or something?

I submited a pic on JLO's bike, too late for Vale's but is extremely cool to do this, thanks David, always looking out for your readers on things like this, that's i i love this site.