Moto2 Comes To The TT

Thirty four years after the Continental Circus abandoned the TT, fully-fledged Grand Prix machinery has returned to the Isle of Man. FTR has provided the up-and-coming roads racer Olie Linsdell with one of their M210 Moto2 bikes to compete in this year's Senior TT race, to be held on Friday, June 11th. The young Englishman will be riding the FTR bike of a similar spec to the one campaigned by Kev Coghlan. The FTR Moto2 chassis houses a CBR600RR engine prepared to Supersport spec by the Joe Darcey Team, as the spec Moto2 engine prepared by GEO for the Moto2 Grand Prix series is not available to riders outside the series.

So far, the FTR Moto2 bike is performing remarkably well. Linsdell has already recorded a lap of 121.281 mph, almost a minute faster than his fastest lap on his 1000cc Yamaha R1 Superbike. Linsdell's flying Moto2 lap was just 7 seconds than his fastest ever lap on a Superbike, which is fairly remarkable for a machine using a 600cc engine, and given that a lap of the TT course is some eighteen and a half minutes.

To hear the difference between a Moto2 bike compared with a Superbike, you can watch this Youtube video of Olie Linsdell at Braddan Bridge on the Island circuit. Linsdell's Moto2 bike is the second machine in the video, and be sure to watch the reaction of the person to the left of the camera once Linsdell passes through the field of view:

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"Fully fledged Grand Prix machinery"? A moto2 bike? You must be joking. A control streetbike engine that you are not even allowed to tune yourself, pfff. It's a nice cup category for national racing, not worthy of the name GP. Even Dorna must think so, since it's not called motoGP2, just moto2. It's pathetic.

Oh and about the sound: so it is a CBR600RR with a loud exhaust. Fascinating.
Come on, those things were slower than both the 'old' 250 twins ánd Supersport in Qatar.

How many thousands of hours of development had the 250s had?
Cut Moto 2 some slack, I'm sure it'll quickly become fast and memorable.

They are a cbr600 engine with a loud exhaust. What's so special about the sound of it compared to a Superbike? Or any other 600 for that matter? Same firing order, crank layout, B/S........

Yes, they'll go faster, but why would they end up with a better solution than Honda, who designed the engine as part of a complete package for a street motorcycle?


If it's supersport spec, it's going to have more power than a Moto2 engine. I think that's what Dorna wants b/c it makes Moto2 look better. Moto2 bikes are a lot less weight than supersport machines, but so much of the course is flat out, that light weight isn't necessarily a huge advantage. It would be quite embarrassing if Moto2 bikes were beaten by supersport machines at IOM.

Kind of a shame. Some of the national Moto2 series will certainly feature supersport tuning which means that the GP versions will be less powerful than the national bikes. 0_o Doesn't CVC already use superior Michelin tires. I don't want to dump on Moto2 b/c I love good racing and Moto2 is the best of the best right now, but if it's going to serve as the feeder class to GP, it's going to need a bit more than just prototype chassis.

We need a class between Moto2 and MotoGP. A commercially viable 750cc prototype class that attracts all of the manufacturers who are sick of the MSMA's BS. The class would not be regulated by the MSMA.

I don't care what you're riding, it's not worth your life. And I watch! Love it too, but if they shut the whole thing down tomorrow, I'd applaud them....