Valentino Rossi Out Of Mugello MotoGP, Likely To Miss Four Races - Updated

Valentino Rossi has been ruled out of his home Grand Prix at Mugello with a fractured tibia, and is likely to miss at least the next four races. The Italian suffered a vicious highside at the fast Biondetti left-right flick, being thrown off his bike and cracking his shinbone. He was taken to the Clinica Mobile where he was diagnosed with a fractured tibia, and then flown immediately to hospital in Florence for surgery.

The fracture is open, and has punctured the skin, and surgery is to be performed this afternoon to pin the bones and seal the skin. The surgery is to be performed by Dr Roberto Uzzi at the CTO Firenze hospital in Florence.

According to Claudio Macchiagodena of the Clinica Mobile, a normal person would require three months to recover, but racers with similar accidents have been back on track after 40 days. Both Toni Elias (at Assen) and Max Sabbatani (also here at Mugello) suffered similar injuries, and were back within 6 weeks.

This is possibly the worst possible time to suffer such an injury, with 6 races in 8 weeks. A 6 week hiatus would mean the first opportunity for Rossi to return would be at the Sachsenring, or possibly at Laguna Seca, but as both those tracks are particularly physical to ride, Rossi may feel it is more prudent to skip those two races, and wait until Brno, in the middle of August.

With Rossi out for that length of time, MotoGP's regulations require that the Fiat Yamaha team field a replacement. No doubt this will generate an avalanche of speculation as to who is to replace Rossi for those races, but a team spokesperson pointed out that it is far too early to be even thinking about that yet.

The official press release is shown below:


Valentino Rossi has suffered a displaced and exposed fracture of his right tibia after crashing in practice for the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello this morning. The reigning World Champion crashed his Fiat Yamaha M1 at turn thirteen, the fast chicane at the top of the hill, and was taken immediately to the circuit Medical Centre for x-rays. Further information will be made public as soon as a more detailed examination has been completed.

Rossi will not take any further part in this weekend's Italian Grand Prix.

Updated press release from Yamaha:


Following his crash in practice for the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello this morning, Valentino Rossi has been taken by helicopter to the Careggi Hospital in Florence for a deeper medical examination. After that he will be moved to the CTO (Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico), which is close by.

The official diagnosis, made by the circuit Medical Centre and the Chief Medical Officer, is that Rossi has suffered a displaced and exposed fracture to the third medium of the right shinbone.

More information will be released once it is available in due course.


After undergoing further medical checks at the Careggi Hospital Emergency Centre and afterwards at the CTO (Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico) in Florence, it has been decided that Valentino Rossi will undergo an operation this afternoon on his fractured right shinbone. He is going under anaesthetic now and a further update will be sent once the operation has finished.

Rossi crashed in practice for the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello this morning, suffering a displaced and exposed fracture to the third medium of the right shinbone.


The official has footage showing the crash, and just how big a highside it was, exactly. You can find the free footage here:

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I was just wondering if Spies would be allowed to move up to the Fiat team for these races. I guess we'll see.

spies or edwards might go up and toseland might come back for the 4 races?

I agree that Edwards or Spies will move up (I'm guessing Edwards as Rossi's pick), but I don't think Toseland will be able to fill in fully as theres conflict with the WSBK schedule. Also, if Tech 3 has any say in it, I'm not sure Herve would choose James any way. My guess is it will be someone obscure who can sub all four races. Shinya Nakano or Alex Hoffman come to mind... but who knows.

Well with Dani having problems, Stoner unable to stay on the bike and Lorenzo now with the opportunity to run away with the championship we may see the return of "mortals" to the podium. Dovi, Nicky, Ben?
Looks like Lorenzo just won the Championship.

Interesting development. It looks like Lorenzo wil dash away with it now, but he too has a history of crashing. Can he stay on the bike? More importantly if there anyone else in the field who can apply pressure to him to make him fall off?

What does this mean for Vale and F1? More or less likely?

I'm absolutely gutted by this news. However, I believe (and desperately hope) that this prediction is overly pessimistic. Elias suffered a compound fracture to his femur (thigh bone) at Assen, which is far, far more serious than a fibial fracture. Without more information, it is premature to predict such a protracted absence from racing. Godspeed, Vale.

Even just one race without Rossi feels incomplete. Where he was usually pretty lucky in crashes, I guess all his bad luck now has hit him in one go. This just sucks.

as lo said a race without Rossi seems to be incomplete. Really is not, he is "just" a rider. But despite being him or Ago the GOAT it's pretty obvious that he had a tremendous impact on moto racing and MotoGP with Rossi and without him are two different things.
Now as sad as it is this will give us a short preview of what MotoGP will be in the future when Rossi will not be racing (retirement, F1 or whatever). It will also provide some real data in terms of tv audience, sponsorship and so on. And of course it will be racing just between "champions".

Championship wise I think that Lorenzo is the new WC unless he manages to find a way to loose it, which seems very unlikely. He is probably the best rider now (without Vale I think we can ditch the probably) on the best or second best bike on the grid. Plus he is already ahead in the standings.

I can only wish the best to Rossi and hope for some Honda improvement to keep at least some fighting for the race. And a special one to Capirex, it would be great to go on the podium, I really believe he deserve it.

Has everyone forgotten how fast Casey Stoner can ride a motorcycle?
At least when he doesn't fall off.

This blows all the excitement away from the season, unless a phoenix Stoner finds a way to start winning.

Wow, this could be a career ending accident, rossi has never had a major accident and he is much older then he was. I can see maybe more the 4 race absense.

The WC is really Lorenzos to lose at this stage.

The king is dead, long live the king!

The king is not dead, nobody is dead..Vale broke his leg and he will be back..
Normal service to be resumed at Brno methinks.

Wow, all kinds of speculation going on here, from ending Rossi's career to Jorge winning the title allready! I think Stoner and Pedrosa might want to fight for the title too.

I'm thinking Spies to fiat yamaha team and ?? to replace him at tech3? What happen to the backup riders we had a few years ago??? Victims of the GFC?

Outside thought is for Pasini to replace ben at tech3.

It will be sad to watch the races without him. Even when another rider dominates by several tenths from FP1 through warm up, you never know if Rossi will pull out some magic and make it a show (from 6th on the grid). 4-6 races without him will be very strange.

It will be a great story for a new chapter in his career to overcome the injury and win another championship. I thought he should do it with Suzuki but this may be a big enough challenge.

Rossi has always said his bike hero was Schwantz..Graziano, his dad rode a Suzuki alongside Sheene, I bet he has got a soft spot for them and what a pheonix from the flames story that would be.?

First Stoner (for most if not all practical purposes) crashing his way out of contention, and now Rossi as well.

But first things first: I hope he recovers well and fully. And that no one else gets hurt.

It really was a vicious crash, and happened so quickly that Rossi had absolutely no chance -- he was just catapulted off that bike. Such a serious injury casts a pall, to say the least. Perhaps partly because they are relatively uncommon, despite the huge risks involved in the sport -- these guys are always riding on the edge, and often you can feel the danger. Which is part of the appeal of the sport I guess. Makes you think though...

No good idea who Fiat Yamaha might go for as a replacement.

i agree that this could be career ending - not because of the extent of the injury, but because VR46 has been toying with retirement / switching to 4 wheels for so long now. he won't be able to return and win this championship and these kinds of injuries take 6-9 months to properly heal. i don't think rossi will risk his future gait ala mccoy or doohan. so it would make sense to sit the season out. then he's out of contract, 4 wheels beckoning, and he'd essentially retire a champion...

ridiculous speculation for sure given the amount of data we have, but it's what my gut feels at the moment.

this will be an interesting test for motogp fans as well...

I think Rossi's most beautiful career records was not missing a single Grand Prix since his debut in 1996. I have to check the stats but I think it has been 230 consecutive grand prix starts over nearly 14 years. Today we have witnessed a Grand Prix changing event. All racers fall and all racers get injured, but the significance of Rossi being out for that many races precisely in this contract finishing year give us a view of the new era, the full comming of age of the Pedrosa/Lorenzo/Stoner generation. Bones don't heal as good at 31 as they do at 24, and it will really be a test of Rossi's appetite for records to see him come back with little if any championship options. I hope he heals physically and mentally and we can enjoy a few more seasons with him in MotoGP

Only a career ending injury if Valentino wants it to be. Lots of riders with similar injuries come back and do fine. Elias has won 2 Moto2 races so far and he came back from a badly broken leg (Femur?). He'll be back in action soon enough, although GP will feel strange without him. Sadly enough, it's a taste of what will come sooner or later. The legendary Rossi luck seems to have run out, at least temporarily. Best wishes Vale for a full and speedy recovery!

Poaching Spies (or Edwards) from Tech 3 sounds great, but what about poor Herve and all the funds he's sunk into his squad? Politically, would be a smart move for him to allow Fiat to take one of his riders and move up someone else. The problem now is...who?

Takahashi is busy in Moto2 for Tech 3, I suppose Toseland (or Crutchlow) could be drafted into service if dates don't conflict.

What about Bayliss's Ducati service contract, surely that wouldn't allow a fill in ride for Yamaha MotoGP? I would LOOOOVE to see that.

elias hasn't won 9 world championships. rossi has nothing left to prove. he will only ride if he fully enjoys it. he's also a very shrewd character and businessman. you can be sure he will not make any early decisions because who knows what else will happen. but he's in the business of winning championships, not risking his future for an early comeback.

someone made an interesting comment on the motogpod fanpage about this being a "false win" should JL99 take the championship. i think a lot of people will feel that, but let me remind them: is there anyone who thinks Kevin Schwantz didn't deserve a championship?

Huge respect to KS--as a big fan of his I watched him win the 93 WC, but at the time (and to this day) still have to wonder "what if...". You have to love Kevin for his talent and obvious love of racing, but with Rainey out of it, I'm sure the WC meant less to him than if the battle had run full course. You could see on Lorenzo's face that he feels the same way about not being able to fight with Vale.

This is truly horrible news. Even though I'm not a huge fan, I'm gutted to see The Doctor go down like this. An injury of this magnitude at his age could be career-ending for a man who's never really dealt with major injuries. The last time I remember him being seriously injured was at the end of 2007 when he pulled out of the race.

I don't know what this injury means for the future of the sport, but as so many have said, we're going to get a peek.

Get well soon, Rossi. Nobody likes to see great champions go out like this.

Lorenzo skates to a championship now and Rossi bows out of the sport (which I think is more possible than some of you) he will forever have the question mark hanging over his career of whether or not he could have really beaten Rossi through a season of real head-to-head combat. I think Lorenzo has been showing he is definitely capable so far this year and would probably prefer to have the intense, season-long battle than to just walk with it.

The funny thing is that I think even Rossi's detractors are going to be depressed at his absence.

That crash was nasty.
Get better soon, Vale!

This that DOES physically hurt me. My stomach is in a knot. I'm just generally hurting all over.

WARNING: This post is most likely the one and only time I'm gonna reveal anything really personal about myself here in our merry little band of miscreants, but it's a tragic day, and I'm so upset right now, I don't feel afraid or self conscious about letting it all hang out for one moment.

Something I've never told the general community here--that I don't talk about if I don't absolutely have to--is that I was involved in an accident on an offshore oil rig, and I fell 58 feet, landing on the 3-inch-thick steel deck. I was (ahem) hurt pretty badly. As a result, I've had twenty-three (yeah, 23) operations on my back (as well as a few on my broken jaw and leg), and there are more back operations to come in the future, so I'm always in a HUGE amount of pain, 24/7/365. In addition to that, I suffered an IDENTICAL--in EVERY last way--injury to my left leg back in 1983, so I know how awful that is, too. Why do I mention this? Well...

If you know me, you know that I am EXTREMELY passionate about the things in my life. If I like something, it is with a level of enthusiasm that causes many people to either 1) roll their eyes and say something completely asinine ("someone's got too much time...", or "it's JUST...", or "it's not THAT important", or "you need to relax"), or just 2) shake their heads sadly. It's the same with things that I dislike. I take things to extremes. That's just how I am. I'm either into it 100%, or I'm out.

Sunday mornings are times when I get to forget how I feel, and I focus COMPLETELY on something else. When I'm stuck in a rut, my back pain is unbearable and I am sick of basically everything,
1) God reminds me that I should have died on that oil rig, but I'm here, and I'm blessed to be so.
2) My wife is always there for me. Always. Period.
3) My family and friends are the very definition of loving and supportive. And finally,
4) I always have the current state of affairs with Rossi to give me a smile and/or a chuckle. Whether it's watching or reading current stuff or going back and watching an old race, it gets my mind off being disabled and in pain. (And I always have MM, which also helps distract me from how I'm feeling at the time...)

I've been a Rossi fan since '99, which was right around the time I bought an Aprilia with his "Nastro Azzurro"/orange and blue paint job. In fact, now that I think of it, I've been a fan of Rossi in the eras of "Valentinik", "Rossifumi", AND "The Doctor". :) It's been a LONG time. Having him around is one of those absolutes, like gravity or the certainty of the sun rising in the East. To lose something that's THAT certain in my's BIG. Inasmuch as I am a Moto GP fan, I'm a Rossi fan. I've never been one without the other. I don't have any real attachment to any of the other riders. If I had to choose someone to support, it would be Nicky or Ben or Colin. I like all three of them, but I'm just not "invested" in any of them. In the racing sense, it feels like being told to choose another best friend. It just doesn't work like that with me. It feels like asking me what I would like as a replacement for my car if it got stolen. Would I prefer 1) a bicycle 2) a nice new pair of running shoes, or 3) a go kart. I don't prefer ANY of them.

I don't really care what anyone else does, but considering how I feel right now, I don't picture myself watching the next few races. I may have only been a fan of Moto GP for "just" 11 years, but I've been a Rossi fan for exactly ELEVEN of those eleven years, and trying to pull for someone else really does feels like trying to choose a new best friend. Actually, I just came up with a new example, and it isn't exactly "apples to apples", but I think it's a good one, nonetheless: What if David was badly injured in an accident, and MM was completely shut down and went offline? First, and foremost, we would all be saddened to hear the news. Next, ALL of our thoughts, well wishes and prayers would be with him. Finally, there would be a HUGE hole left in our little "world". Obviously, it wouldn't mean that we would stop reading the news, but we would be left with the FAR less attractive choices of either reading the Moto GP news feed (tolerable, but relatively shallow and almost entirely made up of just the "warm and fuzzy" news), or superbike planet (no explanation needed). What we have here is something special. I mean, seriously, there's no other place ANYWHERE on the web where there is such incredibly in-depth coverage, such fantastic contributions from other editors-at-large, and a peerless group of readers who add such cogent, well-thought-out opinions and points of view to our community. I've never personally met any of y'all (yes, I'm in Texas, and we do use "y'all"), but I consider all of you to be my friends--even the ones who think that I'm a complete moron. :) Whatever our differences, we all share a great love of one of the absolute greatest sports in the world, and I know that I am always learning a LOT of things from those of you who add your thoughts and comments to our forum. To lose MM would be to lose an irreplaceable source of fun, information and comradeship. It would be quite impossible to adopt a substitute source of what can only be obtained here and nowhere else. That, to me, is what losing Rossi means.

I'm nothing special, and I would never claim that I'm "Rossi's biggest fan", but losing him--even for a single race--not only hurts my heart, but it makes all my pain levels increase in general. Knowing that he's gone for multiple races, and that this championship year is over, just hurts. Literally. I can put it no other way.

Maybe I'll feel differently in the days, weeks, and months to come. It's very possible, but right now, I can't picture it happening. At the moment, I don't see much at all. As things stand now, I feel that watching would only underscore how absent Rossi is. If I don't watch, I won't have to see that he's not there, especially considering that the next few races have every chance of being those abhorrent abominations where you see one rider waltz off into the distance for a 30-second victory. I won't be missing anything if I don't watch races like that. Truly, I'm not trying to be overly dramatic, but it is what it is. That's how I feel. I know that the purists will scoff, saying that you're not a true fan of the sport if you stop watching it just because of "one little thing", or that a "real" fan watches because the sport is more important than any one rider. That may be true for many (if not most), but with all things that aren't moral imperatives or absolutes, it's not true for everyone, and it's not true for me. For those who think I'm a lunatic, and also for those who can identify, I'm cool with both of them. I'm thankful for all of y'all, even if (especially if) we disagree. You're all a major part of what makes MM all that it is. And MM is a big part of what brings me the great enjoyment of my sport.

I'm not in tears, but I've been close a couple of times today. Anyway, there. I've said my piece. I needed to get that off my chest.

p.s. I genuinely believe that Yamaha won't jettison Rossi over this, even if this injury ends his season (which is ABSOLUTELY possible, if not likely). At least, I don't picture Furusawa doing so. I would be forced to dislike them forever if they did. What they did for J.Lo last year was scandalously ill-advised, but I don't want to believe that they would do something even more idiotic...

man dude, that's some serious blood letting. now i feel bad because rossi is out AND for you! i've had some bad injuries, but nothing like what you've described. wishing you the best.

as to rossi, i think david quietly agrees. look at the other side of the ellipses : "Kropotkin Thinks... ... that MotoGP changed on Saturday"

exactly. and btw, the prognosis is getting worse. it's 4-5 months now: (

so "for sure" the season is done for vale. and i agree, could be the career too (as i said previously, and not due to the extent of the injury). he's beaten everyone who's ever challenged him, he's been toying with that 4 wheel move, no one would blame him, etc. etc. etc. FB buddy Rodney Hambel says maybe he'll do a Mike The Bike...

on the positive side, however, the season could turn into something uniquely special as there a lot of suddenly extremely motivated riders out there...

It's not purists who will scoff, it's fans who come from before the Rossi era. Like you, I didn't really watch GP in the pre-Rossi era so his absence does fell like the soul has been ripped out of the body so to speak.

I'm not even a big fan of his, but I've always had immense appreciation for his abilities and witnessing a Rossi win is never an unpleasant occasion, except at times during 2006.

If this is the last go round for Rossi, Dorna would be making a mistake if they let him go anywhere else. If he is done, they need to put him into a Puig-like role so he can circle the globe and sprinkle his magic Doctor-dust on the next generations of riders. Even if Rossi doesn't want to work, they should just pay him to be in the paddock maintaining his old connections and smoozing with dignitaries for the benefit of the sport.

Even if Rossi's riding career is ultimately put on a downward spiral b/c of this crash. This shouldn't be the only career he has in the world of motorcycling. His brand and his presence in the paddock are still crucial.

I was moved by your piece and understand how you feel right now..but I really think you ought to watch the race tomorrow, there'll be some more news on Vale and hopefully you'll get to see some great racing with the impending 'new' guard battling it out..impending because it's only a broken leg and Rossi WILL be back, probably at Brno.

He'll hopefully have two operations, not twenty three, and be on the mend..

Chin up Pal.

>>> but I was looking forward to being more involved with this small community. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I have much to talk about now.
Crimson Tide ... thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. And I'm sorry to hear of your everyday struggles. It's good to hear that you have your head on straight about the whole thing. I hope you continue to have a great recovery (however great a recovery can be when you are constantly in pain).
I have to say, I know exactly what you mean about Rossi. I woke up this morning, like I do every morning of qualification, to watch Rossi fight for pole. I almost passed out when I heard the news of Rossi not being in the race. This is absolutley devastating to me. And of course, I'm at work while I type this, and not one person here understands how this has affected me. I don't feel like I'm strecthing the truth when I say my entie year is shot. Considering that motorcycle racing is the only sport I follow, not having Rossi in the next few races really takes the fun out of it. And to even think that the championship is over for him makes me want to puke. Literally.
All I hope for now is a miracle. I refuse to believe that there is absolutely no chance for Rossi to win this year. But whatever the outcome, I don't want Lorenzo to win. Please .... anyone else but Lorenzo. I know it's too early to speculate, but for any other outcome, a true miracle will have to happen, IMO.

Well, I guess since I'm from Texas, my top choices are Spies or Edwards. God knows Edwards deserves it. I think? :)

Actually, scratch that last smiley face. There is nothing to smile about right now.

Thanks for listening.


Thanks, guys. I appreciate it. Well said. I'm blown away. Really. REALLY.

I can't tell you how nice it is to know that I'm not alone, and that someone else understands how I feel. My heart is just broken. I've been near tears all day, and to read just a few words of kindness and support from some Moto GP "brothers" helps. A lot.

I honestly do NOT think that this is the end of his career. I think that he'll be back next year, hungry as ever. He has the fire in his belly, and if other riders can come back from an injury, certainly he can.

The last thing about Rossi that hurts so very badly--and I forgot to put it in my first post--is that he reminds me SO VERY MUCH of me...before my accident. Before I got injured, I was so so much like Rossi. I was always the life of the party, doing one crazy, fun, risky thing after another, and I loved every minute of it. It's so cruelly ironic that the "big one" that ended my life as I knew it, was an accident at work, and not any of the crazy things I used to do for fun. I also used to be SO incredibly active and athletic, as well as being the class clown. Most of my friends think that I still am that guy, and to be fair, I still am to a great extent. But I live "inside my four walls", and I know how truly different I really am now. Back then, I was able to do so many things that my present physical limitations will never let me do again. That said, when I watch Rossi race, win, do his celebrations, liberally dole out his goofy and self-deprecating humor, and just have fun doing what God created him to reminds me of "me BEFORE the accident". That's another reason why it brings me such great joy to watch him race. I hate to think--and I do mean HATE--that he's in lots of physical pain, as well as the mental agony of not being able to do what he was created to do.

I really, REALLY think that he'll continue racing. When Yamaha and Dorna feel the pain of his absence, they'll know not to do anything stupid, and Rossi's M1 will be waiting for him, just where he left it. Mark my words: The next few races will be lowest attendance of any races in the last decade. The VAST majority of the fans support Rossi (the souvenir stands sell ONLY "46" memorabilia), and without him, the show will not be anywhere near as exciting. Attendance and TV ratings are going to plummet. I'm certain of it. And if not...then I'll just admit to being wrong. Again. :)

Oh, and I probably will tune in tomorrow, wosideg. You're probably right. Thanks for that.

Anyway, thanks again for the kind words, guys. As I said before, y'all are my friends. I wouldn't trade this community that we've built up here...for ANYTHING. We've got something really special, and I'm thankful for that. You guys ROCK. When "it" hits the fan, we put our petty differences aside, and we come together as fans of the greatest global sport there is. I hope that you all realize how awesome that is, because I do.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go take some allergy medication, as my eyes seem to be watering...

. . . either at being a fanatic for Vale or for having life changing defecation slap ya in the face. While I can't speak to the pain that you have to deal with, I can truly empathize with the life changes you've endured. 2 1/2 years ago, 2 days before Thanksgiving, I woke up in the middle of the night with what I thought was a cramp in the calf of my left leg. I got up and tried to "walk it off" but that didn't help so I ignored the pain and went back to bed. It was sore when I got up the next day but again I ignored it and went about my day. Be early evening the pain was increasing and I realized that my lower leg/ankle was cooler than normal. To make a long story a bit shorter, due to plaque buildup (aka PAD) and thus blockage, I lost my left leg above the knee. My vascular surgeon told me, 2 weeks after surgery that I was one tough SOB to pull through everything. I didn't realize till then when I learned some details about things just how close to not making it I'd been. 17 months later, last April, while I was still learning to walk with a prosthesis, pretty much the same thing happened with my right leg. I got in for medical attention much quicker this time but even after 7 1/2 hours of trying they couldn't "roto-rooter" things out enough so I was again asked "Would you like us to amputate or make you comfortable?" Again, the choice was simple and quick. My reply was "It's gonna be interesting to learn to drive with no legs". Not unlike you, I'm blessed to be here and also to have the best woman on this planet beside me. She is my rock. My blood family and especially my race family have been a huge help in my attitude and recovery. Hell, I recently acquired a great van for me due to the generosity of my USARM race family.

It sounds like we are a lot alike in that we like to push limits and enjoy life, have a bit of a rep for having a sense of humor and are passionate about life & opinions, often to an extreme. I think part of the reason for the latter is because we truly recognize the fact that we're damn lucky to still be here. We don't take things for granted and sure don't let the little shit get in the way. I truly appreciate things much more now.

As for Vale, going 230 straight GP races without missing one is quite a feat. He's hurt but at least it's not anything that he won't recover from, broken bones heal. It's a risk they all take and they know it. I'd bet he doesn't come back till at least Brno but I do believe he'll be back to try for the title again. At first I thought, like Jules, that this could easily be the end for him. However, after a bit of thought I think he wants to go out winning, at least, one more chamionship and really wants Ago's win record also. This is an all new & different challenge for him to overcome and I think he'll get after it like he always does, WFO. He just needs to make sure he's healed before coming back. This season just turned into some 3 day test sessions at the end of the year to get ready to battle for another championship. One thing that will be interesting is what effect this will have as the silly season builds it's crescendo to the seat swapping that's sure to happen.

Stay strong Bro, he'll be alright and be back at it again. Racing is part of his nature and allowing an injury like this stop him isn't how Rossi rolls. I'll miss Vale racing in the near future but hope that this doesn't become a Lorenzo walk away. BTW, I haven't seen you on the forums CT, come check them out and join in on the best place on the net to discuss MotoGP and motorcycle racing with some great fans from around the globe.

Mick - "Wide Open till ya see God . . . . then brake"

I started to write this earlier, but I felt it might be trite. However, first off, Crimson Tide, thank you for bearing your soul and revealing so much. I wish, as I'm sure everyone who has read it, there was something any of us could do to ease your pain. To add something, anything. Maybe, my stupid little tale will give you a small smile or something.

I headed this, I'm glad. As I said, I began to write this earlier, but let me explain. Like you CT, it was Rossi who really got me going on MotoGP. I think he's a God, but then I also think pretty much all of the guys who do what they do on the MotoGP track are Gods, but he's No. 1.

I avidly watched races on TV and was amazed by Rossi. And, every weekend race I would watch, oh, for about four years, I would say to myself, I must go to a MotoGP race so that I can say that I have actually been there, and seen the man race, in the flesh.

I live on a farm, a beautiful, incredible environment and I look after a few animals. So, going to events, whether sporting or otherwise, is not something I ever do. I'm just not someone who needs to be a spectator or be there and see it. But Rossi - that was something different. That was unique.

And, three years ago, there I was, watching Rossi do his magical stuff and, as always, I said aloud, I really must go and see him race. And then I said to myself, 'Stop saying you must. You've been doing it for three or more years. Just bloody do it."

I did it. I rode my bike from England to Assen for my first MotoGP and I did indeed see him, in practise, in qualifying and in the race - which he won! And, the following year, I was back at Assen; he came off pretty early on, picked up his bike and raced like hell to catch the rest of them but he had no chance of winning. But, for me, it didn't matter.

So, my words - I'm glad. I really am very glad I kicked myself up the rear end and went and saw in race in the flesh. I don't really understand why that is so incredibly significant, but I think I have been incredibly lucky to actually do that and to see and hear him blast around a track.

I think you're right, Crimson Tide. Had I booked this year for Assen - which I haven't because of work commitments, I doubt I would actually go as a result of today's news. I think it will take us all a while to get to grips with the new situation of Rossi-less races over the coming weeks. It sure will seem strange.

I am a huge Rossi fan, but I am trying to keep things in perspective.

This is NOT a career ending injury (I have had worse) unless Rossi decides it is.

31 is still young for endurance sports. Look at triatheletes etc. In fact, these can be prime physical years, as Rossi has proven. Doohan was destroying the world at 35 with PLENTY left in the tank before he got hurt.

If Rossi decides to retire I will be bummed for multiple (obvious) reasons. But mostly, because we will never know the true outcome of the Lorenzo/Rossi rivalry. I strongly believe that Lorenzo is by far and away the strongest competition, mentally, physically, racecraft and determination that Rossi has had to face.

Lorenzo must be heartbroken right now. This is not how these guys want to win and it will forever taint his WC if Vale retires.

I'd hate to see Vale throw in the towel for reasons like he doesnt need the money etc. I am hopefull that he recovers quickly and to 100% and comes back to finish what was begun when Lorenzo came to the show. We need answers. I hope Rossi wants the answer bad enough too. We may not (very likely) get the truth until 2011, but in his heart, I hope he wants it bad enough.

I dont think Spies can go to Fiat because of the rookie rule.

I see Lorenzo and Rossi at Yamaha next year. ;-)


I've only got time for a couple quick comments until tomorrow morning, as it's almost 1AM here, and I have to be up at 7. Until I can state my feelings with a bit more eloquence, I just want to say that I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by your responses to my post (novel). It physically lessens my know that I am among friends. To really KNOW such a can't describe what that means to me. You wish you could do something to help? Well, you DID. And you DO. Your kindness to a (more or less) complete stranger in something too incredibly special for words. I'm no hero, I'm sure as hell not Rossi, and today is NOT about me in any way, shape, or form...but despite that, y'all have been friends to me. To me, there are few things that equal the great value of showing kindness to strangers. And in my opinion, there are few things that better exhibit the true character of a person than their willingness to show kindness to a stranger...

As I said, I'll write more here later to address each of your posts, but I gotta go to bed. Please know that your words of kindness have made a BIG difference in my world. I think that we want to know that we're not alone (C.S. Lewis said that that's why we read--to know that we're not alone...), and in the middle of a really trying situation, I know that I've got brothers all over the world who care, and who are much deeper and multi-faceted than just a bunch of stereotypical "biker dudes". MUCH deeper. I know that I'm not alone, and that's a nice feeling.

I realize, now more than ever, what a wondrous, special, incredible community we have here. I'm honored, I'm humbled, and I am blessed to be a part of it.

Until tomorrow, I'll sign off with just this: Thank you for being a friend to this stranger. I wish that you could know just how much you help me, because you do. You really DO.

Rossi's gonna be fine. He'll be back next year, faster than ever. Worry not. :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's this BEAUTIFUL woman calling me from the other room, asking me to please "put the bloody computer down and come to bed!" :)

I don't post on here very often. I tend to keep it all for the forum. However as my wife, Jean has just pointed out, very succinctly, all these people who are currently writing Valentino and his two wheeled career off have rather short memories!
We were at Valencia (was it really as long ago as 2003?) when Dani Pedrosa was driven round the circuit in a car! He was sat there, with 2 badly broken ankles waving to the crowd!

He is currently on pole in Mugello!

----- and yes, I realise that he was considerably younger than Valentino and probably healed quicker!

Crimson Tide - thank you for sharing that part of your life with us, it makes me feel rather humble!

I certainly wouldn't, and I don't, write Rossi off - in physical terms. He will heal and, though this year's title is certainly now out of the question, he can come back next year and battle for another world title. I just wonder if he will. He'll be 32 - no, not too old - but he has other ambitions...... in the four-wheel arena, for instance. I guess I fear he might decide that's the direction he will take, while he is still young enough to have a realistic shot at a world title there. If he did that, he's quit MotoGP while he's ahead - his last act on a MotoGP track before the accident, was to absolutely smoke everyone, Lorenzo included, in his FP times. So I think we're in for an uncertain waiting period, which has nothing to do with how quickly or completely his leg heals.

I'm just going to throw a shout out to Crimson Tide.

I'm hoping you eventually get over your injuries and discomfort. Stay strong brother!

Sydney Australia