McCoy And FB Corse Separate, FB Corse Project Unlikely To Make Grid

There have been doubts hanging over the fate of the FB Corse project almost from the moment it was announced. There were question marks about the state of the engine, worries about team financing, and problems with testing. After a test at Valencia, an initial press release announcing they had been accepted into the MotoGP championship had to be withdrawn, after Franco Uncini stated that the team had made good progress, but not enough to qualify for the grid. A later test for the bike planned at Misano had to be called off, after Garry McCoy, who had been contracted to test and race the bike, pulled out with a flu.

That withdrawal seems to have been the final nail in the coffin of the project. Today, McCoy announced that he and FB Corse have decided to terminate their relationship. No reason for the withdrawal was given, but it seems logical to conclude that a lack of technical progress combined with the question marks hanging over the project's finances have forced McCoy to decide that enough was enough.

The announcement marks the latest in a long string of bad luck for the likeable Australian. At the end of last year, McCoy was replaced in the Triumph BE1 World Supersport team after a dispute over cash. Given the salaries in World Supersport, this is hardly likely to have been about a significant amount. After throwing himself into preparation for the FB Corse project, McCoy is once again without a ride. The shrinking grids in motorcycle racing are likely to mean that finding another seat somewhere is going to be difficult for McCoy.

Below is the press release from McCoy's management.



Garry McCoy dissociates from FB Corse

Garry McCoy and italian FB Corse Team have decided in mutual consent to finish the relationship started the 30th of January 2010.

Garry McCoy : "After spending the last 4 months training at top level, today I am at my best mentally and physically to race.

My goal is to come back to the World Championship.

I thought FB Corse was ready to do the step but they haven't accomplished the needs till now required.

Hopefully soon, I will be able to update you with more news."


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Guess who just became available for an empty Yamaha seat?

Exactly! A non-threatening rider to keep Lorenzo happy. Mind you Mr Pitt is also available from memory.

..can't say I'm surprised..maybe we'll see them back in 2012?

Yamaha will leave Vales seat empty for two races, then bring in either Fujiwara or Yoshi, the factory test riders.

Is it just me who thought the whole FB Corse thing was totally doomed from the outset? I mean, why would a tiny team with a comparitively small budget develop a bike for a formula that is about to be scrapped? Surely anyone with such aspirations would hold off untill the new rules are sorted out and then build something that has a future?
Never understood that.

As was mentioned during the race I doubt yamaha media dept will let a test rider on the bike. I'm still thinking ben to fiat yamaha, and sure why not McCoy to replace him at tech3? McCoy is fit and much loved gp winner. Not many folks can say that!

surely Ben is still a rookie..and cannot ride a factory team bike for Yamaha under present rules.

As someone who does not wield a checkbook in the sport, it makes a lot more sense to me for McCoy to be inserted in the open Fiat Yamaha seat so that no restructuring inside the team would be necessary.  Undoubtedly, the two Aussies would get along just fine.

This represents a marketing bonanza for Fiat and Yamaha that could not be matched with any other (non-contracted) rider, and presents minimal risk for everyone involved.

Any other rider scenario (meaning:  either Tech 3 rider) would require signficant rearrangements in personnel that would have to be undone again in 2-3 months.  Additionally, Edwards is contracted to Tech 3, not directly to Yamaha, so moving him would make a lot of trouble for Poncharal and Monster.

this idea is so awesome:

Yamaha wants a HUGE marketing bonanza? How about at every race they let the local national series hotshot ride the FIAT bike. When you're in the USA, throw an American on the bike. When you're in Japan, throw a Japanese rider on. When you're in Spain, call up the popular Spanish guy. Treat it like a series of wildcards with local, popular riders.

I think this is the best idea yet. The marketing and publicity opportunities are huge, market-specific and generally charitable. The results would almost not matter.

Actually, they could even run it as a challenge.

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Let alone all the contractual difficulties of such a proposal. I also doubt Fiat are interested in seeing one of their bikes behind a battered and bruised Bautista.

Besides according to the rules a rider must have had 9+ MotoGP/500 rides under his belt to get aboard a factory machine. The grey area here of course relates to the replacement of an injured rider. I'm sure Yamaha will be pushing to get Spies up there somehow.

That apart then McCoy sounds the best option out there. A proven winner with decent recent experience on a Supersport machine which like the 800's relies on corner speed. McCoy has a high and popular profile. I think most would welcome him as a replacement.

Motorcycles fall over if you don't go fast. Fred Gassit. AMCN

Sounds like a fun plan, but in reality, even apart from the rules, there would be a Fiat Yamaha being lapped twice every race - not even talking about the amount of bikes turned to scrap.

A shame the FB Corse project will never run. That was a beautiful bike.

Replacement riders do not need to ahve any GP experience. A replacement rider can be anyone - even a rider classified as a rookie.

As for contractual issues, I'm not sure I'm seeing the problem. Subbing for a single race where the rider cannot be paid by the factory doesn't seem like that big of an issue. Consider also that in most national series the factories don't won the teams, I'm not even seeing a huge conflict there.

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I really doubt Yamaha wants to see a local hero make a fool out of himself chasing the MotoGP field. It also kind of takes away the exclusiveness and magic of the series - and Rossi's M1. So maybe they could, I doubt they would.

I reckon Rossi would very much approve of McCoy running his bike for a few races - McCoy was one of the relatvely few racers that genuinely amazed and delighted Rossi even when McCoy beat him! Rossi's comment having followed the Sultan was - approximately - 'You'd pay for tickets to watch that show!'

Poor bloody Gazza - if every there was a guy who has been in the wrong place at the wrong time it's been him, and he's still plugging away - and the crowds love him!

The 2 races with no rider as a tribute and then Japanese factory test rider for the remainder plan sounds like predictable Corporate Speak, and my guess is that if an opportunity for something fun or innovative comes up, Valentino (and Yamaha Marketing and perhaps, Fiat) will be all over it and press Yamaha into doing it. Vale will be sick of seeing Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Stoner winning races week in and out that he should be winning and will want to throw a wrench into the works if at all possible.

If you were Vale, wouldn't you want to throw a highly caffeinated Bayliss (example) into the mix and try to screw with them? Lol

For immediate release: June 7, 2010

Stafford, New York: Popular American racer Jason DiSalvo has announced that he and the ParkinGO BE1 Triumph team have amicably parted ways, as of today's date.

[courtesy of Soup.]

Several issues to address:

Of the names bandied about to replace Valentino Rossi for the summer, two should probably be stricken as quickly as they are uttered (typed):  Troy Bayliss and Colin Edwards.

  • Troy Bayliss does not have a relationship with Yamaha and, more importantly, he still DOES have a relationship with Ducati.
  • Colin Edwards...  aside from the red tape associated with pulling him out of the Poncharal-owned seat sponsored by Monster, and how to fill that seat with Monster's best interests (where is John Hopkins these days...?), there is this important detail from the weekend:

“The bike was working well, but I can't ride in that condition. I felt fatigued really early in the race and was really struggling to change direction with the bike. I've had a bit of an arm pump issue all weekend for the first time in my career and needed quite a few injections to ease that. I'll try and figure it out and be ready to come out fighting strong in Silverstone.”  (source)

The idea of national series wild cards is interesting (and who better to try it than Yamaha), but two names quickly spring to mind:  Miguel Duhamel and Niccolo Canepa.  Fiat may have a say and prefer someone a bit more accomplished.

Jeremy Burgess is probably agreeable to the idea of working with a development test rider from Yamaha corporate, but Fiat may desire someone more marketable.

Though it is an admitted daydream, I can't help but point out that there is a GP veteran with a past linked to Yamaha, who would run afoul of none of the rules questions... 

All of his victories were aboard a Yamaha in 2000, so if ever something was more marketable than a "10th Anniversary Celebration Tour" in this scenario, I don't know what it would be or upon whose shoulders it could be borne.  No, he probably will not win, but I doubt he will suffer the presumed indignity of being lapped by the injured Bautista.  His days of binning the equipment are behind him, and it seems more than likely he would fit into the existing team with no need for changing key personnel (new seat and footpegs, to be sure).

I can't afford a Fiat (or even a new Chrysler), but I will buy hats and shirts!  Please, give the people what they (we) want!

You think Rossi would let Max Biaggi on his bike? I assume you are not talking about Checa. It would be cool to see Max back in GP but with him leading the WSB championship I doubt he will cross back over for just a few races. I do like the different riders for different events idea though.

McCoy rides Rossi's M1 and gets it to the podium twice in eight races. He is offered a Tech3 ride for 2011, where he will ride along Bautista as to teach the youngster how to slide a bike without getting hurt.

Rusty Bucket USA is thinking Gary Mccoy? 3 victories on Red Bull Yamaha 500cc year 2000!

Don't you recall his last run on the honda GP machine? He pitted with no reason other then not being fast enough to race the guys. He won't be getting any GP seats soon.

2 thumbs up on Gary McCoy getting the ride. I hope they don't leave it empty (emtpy seat as a 'tribute' to rossi is just silly) for long because after all this crazy moto2 action this year the grid really feels empty.

No one should doubt the ability of Duhamel in his prime. Sadly, he seems to be past his prime at 41 yrs old or so. He rode inferior GP equipment for a short period of time, but I have seen him beat some big names straight up (Russel, Polen, Chandler, Kocinski, Gobert, a host of top WSBK guys) and anyone who ever saw him race a 250 - wow. He held lap records everywhere for a while and would pass anyone just about anywhere.

Anyway, back on track...

Looks like Yuki Takahashi is in the mix for the replacement ride - he has a half season on the Honda 212v as well as a lot of 250gp experience and rides for Tech3 Moto2. Might be easier for them to get a temp replacement for the Moto2 seat than the Fiat team seat.

I like the idea of McCoy though, it doesn't mess anyone's plans up and he's popular, needs an opportunity and probably would surprise a few people without embarrassing the wrong people.

The Bayliss thought was just a dream - no way Ducati (or Yamaha) would let him ride another factory bike while he is under a service/testing contract and occasionally rides their gp bike. I just think that Troy has the best chance of a podium of any potential replacement. And a Troy who is not thinking season long championship would be a tough guy to pass.

..get him doubling up like Spencer use to do.

not sure if Vale would be to happy though.

"where is John Hopkins these days...?"

Usually at the back of the grid, when not injured, in AMA Superbike. Getting beaten by the likes of Tommy Hayden, Larry Pegram, Jake Zemke, Blake Young, Ben Bostrom, Josh Hayes and Johnny Rock Page.

Well maybe not JRP.

Fastest the Movie is currently in production, and from a storytelling perspective, it's gotta be McCoy. Maybe with a reaction shot from Hopkins thrown in the mix.